“We are more than just a Translation Agency – we are a partner in the success of our clients.”

High Quality Translation and Interpretation Services

We go above and beyond with our Coaching & Consulting Services

Multi-Languages Corporation is going the extra mile with its Coaching & Consulting Sessions and is proud to offer a unique value added service.

We provide consulting on topics such as translation, interpretation, standards, language policy, time mastery, accessibility, procurement, mediation/conflict resolution and overall business coaching.

It is advisable to do the sessions in person; however, we can offer Coaching & Consulting sessions over the phone and video.

Multi-Languages is more than just a translation agency; it is a partner in the success of its clients.


Coaching & Consulting Services



Why Coaching & Consulting for Translation?

Have you ever been frustrated at any stage of your translation project? Especially when working with languages you don’t understand? Translation, revision, editing, proofreading, design, DTP, or printing? Aren’t they all the same? What do I need to know? How do I need to be involved? We are willing to go above and beyond our call of duty to support you! We are committed to the provision of high quality translation services, the FREE “Translation Coaching” sessions are customized to our client’s needs and wants.

We are committed to assist our clients to achieve a smooth and successful translation project every time. The Coaching & Consulting sessions include a copy of the book “Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Translation” by Lola Bendana and Alan Melby and/or any other material that may be required. Sessions can be one on one or offered to a group within your organization.

Translation Project Planning Stages

  • How to include the translation as an element of the project instead of at the end of production
  • Cost anticipation, budgeting
  • Risk and Liability
  • How to save money while providing quality services?
  • Documentation preparation for submission
  • Background information: previous translations, glossaries, terminology databases, etc.
  • How to handle illustrations within the source text
  • Identifying type of service required: translation, revision, proofreading, adaptation, DTP, localization, etc.
  • Timelines: assist with the creation of realistic deadlines
  • Communication within the team

Translation Process

Source document:

  • How to write with the translation in mind. A good source text (well written, legible) is the first step for a good translation
  • How to avoid jargon and keep the technical terminology consistent
  • How to work with abbreviations and names
Target document

  • How to work with expansion in translation
  • Layout
  • Adaptation

Target Audience

  • Assist you to identify the target audience
  • Intention of the text
  • Analyze target readership (level of education, cultural background, language register, etc.)

Use for the translation

  • Strategies according to the intended use: for information (for internal use), for publication (brochures, manuals, websites), and for size and type of audience, etc.

Required method of presentation

  • File format, delivery requirements, special formatting


  • Strategies for a proper revision process
  • Why is a full revision by a second translator a must?


Coaching & Consulting Services
  • How to work effectively with interpreters
  • Credentials for professional interpreters
  • Risk and Liability of working with non-professional interpreters
  • How to save money while providing quality services
  • Business practices for Interpreters
  • Standards of Practice
  • Code of Ethics
  • Interpreting modalities and their different standards of practice
    • Consecutive vs Simultaneous
  • Etiquette


Coaching & Consulting Services
  • National and International Standards on Translation Services
  • National and International Standards on Interpreting Services
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control process
  • Criteria to obtain the highest quality in language services
  • Credentials to look for from Translation Service Providers, Interpreting Service Providers, Translators and Interpreters

Business Coaching

Coaching & Consulting Services
Session Outcomes:

  • Identification of issues
  • Increased productivity – efficiency
  • Growth
  • Marketing strategies
  • Leadership
  • Sales processes
  • Psychology for growth
  • Stress management
  • Mediation / Conflict Resolution
  • Time allocation
  • Efficiency
  • Goal setting
  • Organization for documentation
  • Strategies to avoid procrastination
  • Prioritization
  • Customized to the needs of the business

Take your career to the next level with our cutting edge business coaching. We will help you uncover the hidden roadblocks in your career and give you actionable strategies to overcome them.

Procurement / Language Policy

Coaching & Consulting Services Procurement

  • How to prepare proper documentation for a Request For Proposal for the translation and interpreting industry
  • Market information
  • How to achieve a successful Request For Proposal process
  • Credentials required from Translation Service Providers (TSP)
  • Credentials required from Interpreting Service Providers (ISP)
  • Credentials required from Translators and Interpreters
  • Recognized Standards
  • Certification structures for TSP /ISP
  • Canadian vs. international markets
  • Language and dialect insights

Language Policy:

  • Management protocols for provision of language services
  • Legal implications / risk and liability
  • HR
  • Customised programs
  • Sales and marketing
  • Protection of linguistic minorities


Session Outcomes:

  • Accessibility compliance in relation to communication
  • Language access
  • Equal access to services
  • Making information accessible
  • Understanding barriers to accessibility
  • Increased reach & impact

Time Mastery

Coaching & Consulting Services
Session Outcomes:

  • Time allocation
  • Goal setting
  • Stress management
  • Organization for documentation
  • Strategies to avoid procrastination
  • Prioritization
  • Increased productivity – efficiency
  • Psychology for growth
Coaching & Consulting Services

Coaching / Consulting Sessions

Most sessions are facilitated by our Director Lola Bendana or a professional facilitator / coach.

Consulting and Coaching services for:

  • Translation and Interpreting are available for free to our regular clients and to non-clients for a customized fee.
  • Standards, Language Policy, Time Mastery, Accessibility, Procurement and  overall Business coaching, are quoted on a case per case basis.

Coaching / Consulting Packages:

  • HALF DAY of Coaching or Consulting

    • Spend half the day with our team to break down the roadblocks of your career and power through to the next level. Dive into your psychology and uncover the reasons why you are where you are and create a plan of action to get to the next level.
  • FULL DAY Coaching or Consulting

    • A deep dive experience where you work 1-on-1 with our team to produce extraordinary results. With the full day sessions, you have the option to bring one guest to go through the process with you. If you’re looking to completely change the course of your career – this package is for you!

Prices vary according to the client’s needs, type of delivery, number of sessions, facilitators involved, etc.

Charitable and non-profit organizations may be able to receive a special rate.

For details on how to sign up for your session and get a customized quote, email or click here