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AILIA: Transforming Canada’s Linguistic Marketplace

Latest news on AILIA’s work

We have an Accreditation Structure for Community Interpreters in Ontario!

The Ontario Council on Community Interpreting (OCCI) finalized the accreditation structure and, as of July 1st 2015, the OCCI in partnership with the Association of Professional Language Interpreters (APLI) will start receiving applications from interpreters interested in obtaining the credential of “Accredited Community Interpreter (ACI)”.
The title of Accredited Community Interpreter (ACI) will be the credential to look for when hiring an interpreter in the legal, healthcare, social services, education and private sectors.

Multi-Languages obtains accreditation by the Better Business Bureau

October 2013

Multi-Languages is the first translation and interpreting agency in Toronto to obtain accreditation by the Better Business Bureau

In an age where profits and competition seem to be the priority, ethics is not valued as it should be. Multi-Languages is stepping up once again to renew its commitment to quality and integrity to clients, translators, interpreters as well as to the general public. We will not compromise the trust that you have placed in us.

BBB Accreditation Standards

Build Trust
Advertise Honestly
Tell the Truth
Be Transparent
Honor Promises
Be Responsive
Safeguard Privacy
Embody Integrity

Better Business Bureau Vision
“An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other”.

“BBB Accreditation is an honor and not every company is eligible. Businesses that meet our high standards are invited to join BBB. BBB ensures that high standards for trust are set and maintained.” Better Business Bureau

Multi-Languages has been accredited with the BBB as of October 2013.

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Translators & Interpreters in Toronto ON


Multi-Languages renewed once more its certifications under national and international standards

October 2013

Multi-Languages Corporation was one of the first translation agencies in Canada to obtain certification under:

• The Canadian General Standards Board CGSB CAN 131.10 Certification in 2009 – Canadian Standards on Translation Services
• The EN 15038 Certification in 2007 – European Standards on Translation Services
• The AILIA-NSGCIS Certification in 2010 – Canadian Standards on Community Interpreting Services – National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services

There are three key points common to all standards:
• Select your human resources with care;
• Come to an agreement on your project specifications before translation begins;
• Follow the specifications at every step of the project.

Press Release on re-certification

Multi-Languages Corporation first ‪‎Translation‬ Service Provider to partner with the Charter for Compassion

Multi-Languages and the Charter for Compassion partner up to inspire people around the world.

We at Multi-Languages are happy to announce that we are the first Translation and Interpretation Service Provider to partner with the Charter for Compassion. In this partnership, we are actively inspiring people and organizations to use their call-to-action and participate in the “Golden Rule” all around the world.

Multi-Languages Language Excellence Award and Bursary

The Multi-Languages Language Excellence Award and Bursary recognizes a graduating student in high school who has achieved academic excellence through earning the highest combined average in both English and French.

This year the award was presented to Brooke Uroda on June 27, 2013. Brooke will be joining the Glendon community for the Bilingual Ats program. We wish Brooke all the best on her studies!

Sergio presenting the Award to Brooke

IMIA Conference 2013 Keynote Videos

IMIA Conference 2013 Keynote Videos

Specialized Interpreting
Getting Beyond the Basics: Exploring Quality Interpreting for Multiple Specialties

Keynote Speaker: Guadalupe Pacheco
Senior Health Advisor to the Director Office of Minority Health
Office of the Secretary
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Panel: ISP Quality and Certification in delivering interpreting services
Panel Members:
Connie Camelo, Umass Memorial Medical Center
Dan Gatti, Stratus Video
William Glasser, Language World Services
Bruce Merley, Pacific Interpreters, Inc.
Lena Toolsie, Ad Astra, Inc.
MODERAT OR: Lola Bendana, President Multi-Languages Corporation

IMIA Annual Reports & Awards
State of the IMIA Organization

Panel: Building Unity National Interpreter Associations Coalition
Panel Members:
Lola Bendana, IMIA Representative
Rob Cruz, NA JIT Representative
Lisa Morris, NC IHC Representative
Yuliya Tsaplina, AIIC Representative
MODERAT OR: Izabel S. Arocha, IMIA Executive Director

Exploring the identity of medical interpreters
Living in the gray zone between medicine and language or generalist and specialist
Panel Members:
Heather Barclay, Vice President and COO, Ad Astra, Inc.
Jessica Goldhirsch, MA
Linda Joyce, MS, CMI-Spanish, Executive Director of NBCMI
Ira SenGupta, Executive Director, Cross Cultural Health Care Program
MODERAT OR: David Cardona, MD, MPH, Office of Minority Health, Oregon

Closing Speaker: Bruce L. Adelson, Esq
Federal Compliance Consulting LLC

The book is finally here!

“Almost Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Translation”

– by Lola Bendana and Alan Melby

The book is freely available on our website
Click to download it here:“Almost Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Translation”

Feel free to share it as needed. There will be a limited number of hard copies available for our clients and upon special request.

Free Translation Coaching Sessions for our clients

We are more than just a translation agency; we are partners in your success.

We are offering FREE Translation Coaching sessions to our clients. Have you ever been frustrated at any stage of your translation project? Especially when working with languages you don’t understand? Translation, revision, editing, proofreading, design, DTP, or printing? Aren’t they all the same? What do I need to know? How do I need to be involved? We are willing to go over and beyond our call of duty to support you! We are launching a new and unique value added service to our clients: our “Translation Coaching” service.

We invite you to take advantage of it. The service is available for free to our clients; it is customized to your needs and wants. We are committed to assist you achieve a smooth and successful translation project every time.

The coaching sessions include a copy of the book “Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Translation” and/or any other material that may be required. Sessions can be one on one or offered to a group within your organization. It is advisable to do the sessions in person, however, we can make arrangements for coaching over the phone. We also conduct sessions on interpretation such as “how to work effectively with interpreters”.

Sessions could include advice for topics such as:

Translation Project Planning Stages

– How to include the translation as an element of the project instead of at the end of production.
– Cost anticipation, budgeting.
– Documentation preparation for submission.
– Background information: previous translations, glossaries, terminology databases, etc.
– How to handle illustrations within the source text
– Identifying type of service required: translation, revision, proofreading, adaptation, DTP, localization, etc.
– Timelines: assist with the creation of realistic deadlines
– Communication within the team

Translation Process

Source document:
– How to write with the translation in mind, a good source text (well written, legible) is the first step for a good translation.
– How to avoid jargon and keep the technical terminology consistent.
– How to work with abbreviations and names.

Target document:
– How to work with expansion in translation.
– Layout.
– Adaptation.

Target Audience:

– Assist you to identify the target audience
– Intention of the text.
– Analyze target readership (level of education, cultural background, language register, etc).

Use for the translation

Strategies according to the intended use: for information (for internal use) for publication (brochures, manuals, websites), size and type of audience, etc.

Required method of presentation

File format, delivery requirements, special formatting


Strategies for a proper revision process.

A wide variety of topics on interpreting

For details on how to sign up for your session contact:
Lola Bendana at
Consulting and Coaching available to non-clients for a fee.

Free Raffle – 4 great prizes

It is 2012 and we are celebrating our 15th anniversary! We thank you for your continuous support, commitment and professionalism in collaborating with us in the provision of language translation and interpreting services.

As part of our celebration, we will be organizing a few activities:

This raffle is open to all translators, interpreters, presenters to our conferences and clients that have collaborated with us.

First prize: “Personal Power II”
30 day personal and professional achievement system from “Anthony Robbins” ($300 value)

Second and third prize: 1 ticket to “I Can Do It Toronto”
Keynote speakers include: Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Robert Holden among other great speakers.
Tickets compliments of “Hay House” (Value $200 each)

Fourth prize: 2 tickets to the “CN Tower
(If the winner is from outside of the Toronto area, he/she will receive an equivalent prize in the city of their choice or $50 instead)

To participate, simply email

We will collect testimonials and may publish some of them; if you want your testimonial to be confidential, please let us know.

Raffle Flyer

Multi-Languages just successfully passed the audit for re-certification under 3 national and international standards

October, 2011
Recertification under the European Standards for Translation Services EN 15038 (third biannual audit) EN 15038 Certification

Recertification under the Canadian Standards for Translation Services CGSB 131.10 (second biannual audit) CGSB 131.10

Recertification under the Canadian National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services AILIA- NSGCIS (second biannual audit) AILIA-NSGCIS

Multi-Languages at top 3 for Toronto Board of Trade Business Excellence Award 2011

October, 2011

We are proud to announce that Multi-Languages is on the list of top 3 finalists for the Business Excellence Award from the Toronto Board of Trade, this is a huge distinction and recognition to our organization

Our Director, Lola Bendana, presented a Keynote speech at Glendon College, York University during the Translation Alumni night

March, 2011
Glendon College Alumni night

Lola Bendana appointed President of IMIA

Lola Bendana appointed President of IMIA

Our Director, Lola Bendana was appointed by the Board as President of the International Medical Interpreters Association – IMIA effective January 1, 2011.

International Medical Interpreters Association Announces new Leadership for 2011
Toronto, Canada December 14, 2010 – Today the International Medical Interpreters Association announced that Lola Bendana was appointed by the Board as President of the IMIA effective January 1, 2011. Lola Bendan a has over 20 years of progressive experience within the language services field with a strong focus on driving results. Lola has a degree in international relations with a specialization in Latin American Studies and English-Spanish interpreting and translation. She worked in Costa Rica as a cultural/foreign affairs facilitator with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as head of international relations with the Nicaraguan Committee for Refugees. After immigrating to Canada, she worked as a freelancer for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada offering pre-departure and intercultural effectiveness courses on Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Lola has been involved in the translation and interpreting field for over 20 years; and since 1997, she has been the Director of Multi-Languages Corporation. In the past, she served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Healthcare Interpretation Network in Canada where she chaired the Policy and Terminology Committee; she was also a member of the Critical Link Canada Standards of Practice and Training Committee, she was selected as a voting member of the technical Committee of the Canadian General Standards Board that created the Canadian national translation service standards CAN CGSB 131.10-2008. Presently, she serves on the board of the Language Industry Association – AILIA, is the Chair of the AILIA Communications Committee, Vice-Chair of the Association and member of the Translation Committee. She is also a member of the Healthcare Interpretation Network’s Policy Committee and Multilingual Database Terminology Committee, the Canadian Advisory Committee to ISO TC37 and has been Canada’s representative of the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA). Lola has served on the IMIA Executive Board and now takes the lead. Contact:

“Canada is a leader in community interpreting and is key to IMIA’s international growth strategy and with Lola Bendana’s knowledge and experience in place, we are well positioned for the future,” said Izabel Arocha, M.Ed., CMI, current President of IMIA. “Her record in international collaborative projects made her the right choice. She will bring a new perspective to an organization that has been US-centric in the past.” “Under Lola’s leadership, the IMIA will continue to deliver excellent results through a professional volunteer team of Directors, Chairpersons, and both National and International Representatives, delivering greatly needed solutions for our ongoing interpreters’ issues,” said Anita Coelho Diabate, IMIA Vice President.

The Executive Board unanimously voted for its officers’ slate and the following individuals are serving another term as officers: Anita Coelho Diabate, Cambridge Health Alliance, as IMIA Vice President, Rose Long, Cross Cultural Health Care Program, as IMIA Treasurer, and Juana Horton, CEO of Horton Interpreting Services, as IMIA Secretary. Izabel Arocha will assist the organization as its first Executive Director.

Other important new additions to the IMIA Executive Board directors include Eric Candle, Medical Interpreter and Trainer and IMIA New York State Representative, Iliana Rivera, Language Program Coordinator for Washington Regional for just over 5 years, in Springdale, Arkansas, and Maurizio Di Fresco, International Patient Services, Coordinator ISMETT – UPMC Italy. “We have an outstanding leadership team for the term starting in 2011, our 25th anniversary year. We have a lot to celebrate,” said Juana Horton, IMIA Board Secretary.

About the International Medical Interpreters Association
It is an umbrella association that promotes all standards and best practices in the field of medical interpreting. As an international trade association of medical interpreters, it represents practicing medical interpreters as the ultimate experts in medical interpreting. It is also the only national trade association of medical interpreters in the US, and is an official active member of FIT, the Federation of Interpreters and Translators, an international organization comprised of trade associations of interpreters and translators worldwide. It is a partner member of AILIA, the Languages Industry Association headquartered in Canada. IMIA developed the first code of ethics, standards, annual conference, and certification for medical interpreters and continues to be a pioneer in the field with its recent work to develop the first Interpreter Educators Code of Ethics and National Education Registry. It’s most current work involves developing an accreditation for medical interpreter training program. (

We are proud Multi-Languages is included in this article, contribution is one of our core values

How the Language Services Industry Gives Back

Multi-Languages Corporation appointed as the exclusive KONTAX Translation Service Provider for Canada

Multi-Languages Corporation is the selected Translation Service Provider for KONTAX –KONTAX

Kontax is a global press release service with no equivalent anywhere in the world.

Kontax Translation Managers – which are certified TSPs and apply EN 15038 quality assurance procedures – have been appointed in each country to ensure translated press releases are of the same high quality as the rest of the services provided by Kontax.

Multi-Languages Corporation is now AILIA -NSGCIS Certified

January, 2010

Orion Assessments Services of Canada has performed an audit of Multi-Languages Corporation to test conformity with the Canadian National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services. We are glad to announce that Multi-Languages Corporation has passed the test of conformity and we are therefore AILIA-NSGCIS Certified.

The certification, an initiative from AILIA, L’Association de l’industrie de la langue / Language Industry Association, is based on the Canadian National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services NSGCIS, a standard developed by the Healthcare Interpretation Network with the support of AILIA, Critical Link Canada and ACCTI.

Multi-Languages is also Certified under the CAN CGSB 131.10 (Canadian Standard for Translation Services) and the EN 15038 (European Standard for Translation Services)

Multi-Languages Corporation is now CAN CGSB 131.10-2008 Certified

October 2009

Orion Assessments Services of Canada has performed an audit of Multi-Languages Corporation to test conformity with the Canadian Standards concerning translation services. We are glad to announce that Multi-Languages Corporation has passed the test of conformity and we are therefore CAN GCSB 131.10-2008 Certified.

The certification, an initiative from AILIA, L’Association de l’industrie de la langue / Language Industry Association, is based on CAN/CGSB-131.10-2008, Translation Services, a national standard developed by the Canadian General Standards Board CGSB and approved by the Standards Council of Canada. It involved the participation of representatives from AILIA, professional associations, government, education, clients, and other stakeholders.

Multi-Languages also renewed the EN 15038 Certification based on the European Standards on “Translation Services – Service Requirements”, standards that were published in 2006 by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

Lola Bendana, Director of Multi-Languages has been appointed Canada’s representative for the International Medical Interpreters Association IMIA


IMIA Press Release

Multi-Languages receives the Association de l’industrie de la langue / Language Industry Association – AILIA Translation Award

November 2007

Multi-Languages is pleased to announce that Lola Bendana, was the recipient of the AILIA Award for Outstanding Contribution in the field of Language Translation. The award ceremonies took place at the Canadian Language Industry Showcase in Gatineau, Quebec on November 30th.

Canadian Language Industry Express

New Release of the “National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services”

November 2007

The National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services is an initiative of the Healthcare Interpretation Network – HIN
Healthcare Interpretation Network

Multi-Languages fully abides by the HIN National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services.

Multi-Languages is now EN 15038 Certified

September 2007

The Austrian Standards Institute (ON) has performed an audit on “Translation Services – Service Requirements” of Multi-Languages Corporation to test conformity with the European Standards concerning translation services.

We are glad to announce that Multi-Languages Corporation has passed the test of conformity and we are therefore EN 15038 Certified.

The European Standards on “Translation Services – Service Requirements” were published in 2006 by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

Thanks to L’Association de l’industrie de la langue / Language Industry Association AILIA for the initiative to bring the ON auditors to Canada.

Healthcare Interpretation Network – HIN AGM

Toronto, Ontario
Friday, November 9th
1:00 – 4:30 pm

Association de l’industrie de la langue/Language Industry Association – AILIA

Canadian Language Industry Showcase 2007

Hilton Lac Leamy Hotel
Gatineau, Quebec
Friday, November 30th

Interpreter’s training June 2003 – Access Alliance Multicultural Health Services

On Wednesday June 4 and Thursday June 5, 2003 we had our first interpreter training session. It was lead by Nelson Cabral of Access Alliance Interpreters Services. It was an interesting session and proved all of us had something new to learn about interpreting.

On the first day we got to know each other. What a joy it was to attach a face to the voices I have been talking to on the phone the last couple of years. It was also great for the interpreters to meet each other and network. We then got to work and went through the core competencies of interpreting and the roles and responsibilities of an interpreter. We reviewed the code of ethics and were introduced to the constituent tasks of interpreting. After a great lunch that was included in the training session, we played a game to test our active listening and memory skills. Who could forget Nelson’s neuralgia, Peter’s pathology, Regina’s rheumatology and Seema’s Sudafed etc? We then reviewed the need for note taking, mental transposition and verbalization in the target language.

On the second day we started the day with a review and practice of the Constituent tasks of interpreting. We went on to discuss cultural competence and how our own values and attitudes affect our interpretation. The next topic we covered was obscenities. Oh how difficult it was for some of our interpreters to swear when we were practicing. Interruption skills were covered. We then had pizza for lunch. After lunch it was sight translation that was covered, then research strategies for terminology. Finally, we ended the day with a puzzle reviewing the role and responsibilities and the code of ethics of an interpreter.