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2017 Newsletters

November 2017

Newsletter #1

The Canadian National Standards for Community Interpreting is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary
2017 Annual OCCI Congress
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Newsletter #2

2017 Annual OCCI Congress
Lost in Translation: How players bridge hockey’s language barrier
Pope Francis sides with Benedict by saying Christ shed blood ‘for many’
Facebook Apologizes after wrong translation sees Palestinian man arrested for posting ‘good morning’
The Amazing Benefits of Good Fats

Newsletter #3

We are ready for one of the largest events we have seen in Ontario for Community Interpreting

Newsletter #4

 OCCI Annual Congress in Pictures

October 2017

Newsletter #1

Multi-Languages Annual Conference 2017
You can send your questions for the Speakers
Professional Translators Aren’t Worried About Google’s Language-Translating Headphones
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Newsletter #2

Let’s Talk: Why Canadians Need Health Care in Their Own Language
Pictures From our Annual Conference will be Posted Next Week
How the Language you Speak Changes Your View of the World
Toronto: The City of 140 Languages
Are you OCCI-ACI Accredited?
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Newsletter #3

Our Annual Conference in Pictures!
Thank You to our Conference Speakers for Sharing Your Expertise with us.
Congratulations to our 2017 Excellence Award Winners!
Are you OCCI-ACI Accredited?
We are Here to Listen and Support You.
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Newsletter #4

2017 Annual OCCI Congress
Government Aims for Excellence in Public Service Translation by Creating Chief Officer Position
Interpreting in Mental Health Settings: Ethical Decision Making
Mind Your Language
Advancing Health Equity Through Language Interpretation Services
Police in Israel Arrest Palestinian Over Mistranslated ‘good morning’ Facebook Post
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September 2017

Newsletter #1

Multi-Languages 20th Anniversary Annual Conference 2017
12 Speakers / Topics
Fee for Conference: Pay It Forward
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Newsletter #2

Congratulations to our 2017 Excellence Award Winners
 Annual Conference Speakers / Topics
Annual AILLIA General Meeting + Rendez-vous << Ottawa-Gatineau >>
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Newsletter #3

Multi-Languages 2017 Annual Conference is Full
Check out the Conference Program
Annual AILIA General Meeting + Rendez-vous << Ottawa-Gatineau >>
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June 2017

Newsletter #1

2017 NBA Finals Game 2 Head Around The World
Why AI Gets the Language of Games but Sucks at Translating Languages
Power Foods for the Brain | Neal Barnard | TEDXBismarck
The Conflicts of Classical Translation
Terminology Issues Unique to Medical Translation
How to Recharge

Newsletter #2

Is it worth sacrificing quality for price or turn-around time?
Links to lawsuits and legal consequences in the translation and interpreting field
It is easier and more cost effective to do it right from the beginning than fixing problems after the project is done or when legal problems arise
Protect yourself, understand your risks!

May 2017

Newsletter #1

Since it is our 20th Anniversary, we want our Annual Conference to be special! 
We want your feedback!

Newsletter #2

Multilingualism and the right to translation and interpreting in the EU
These are the world’s most multilingual countries
Language shapes how the brain perceives time
New CEO for the Translation Bureau as of May 23
The Book “How to get it right when contracting conference interpreting services”
Triumph over challeneges

Newsletter #3

Happy Victoria Day!

May you have a fabulous long weekend. Here are some tips on what we can do to enjoy it fully.

Newsletter #4

VIDEO: Sign Language Interpreter Steals the Show at Snoop Concert
Why Machines Alone Cannot Solve the World’s Translation Problem
UN Set to Pass Draft Resolution Declaring September 30th As Translation Day
The Book “How to get it right when contracting conference interpreting services”
Translation Rates: A Race to the Bottom?
Become a Magnet of Positivity

April 2017

Newsletter #1

Netflix has a new translation test to avoid subtitle fails
The Book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”
TED talk: How to recharge your batteries in an age of relentless demands by Dr. Jamie Gruman
How you learned a second language influences the way your brain works
20th Anniversary Celebration
Bilingualism in the sky
Having more energy

Newsletter #2

A missing oxford comma decided this ruling on overtime pay
The 6 steps that will make your translation project run smoothly
The Book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”
Arrival: Linguist behind film talks speaking to aliens and how Donald Trump is affecting language
Cost of poor quality
20th Anniversary Celebration

Pursuit of Happiness

Newsletter #3

Google translate songs with Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon
How to deal with questions during a translation project
Translating trauma: Foreign language interpreting in therapy
The Book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”
Transliteration of non-Roman scripts
20th Anniversary Celebration
How to Excel at Anything

Newsletter #4

Another Round in the translation Wars?
Ideas on how to get organized
Even with the internet, we’re not any closer to everyone speaking the same language
Recognizing foreign accents helps brains process accented speech
The Book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”
20th Anniversary Celebration
How to stay on track

March 2017

Newsletter #1

Symphony Program Revealed a Contrast in Linguistic Tones
The Book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”
Why Terminology Management?
20th Anniversary Celebration
Why Multilingualism is Good for Economic Growth
How Failure is Your Biggest Assest

Newsletter #2

How translation gadgets over promise and under deliver
The Book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”
Listen to the beautiful diversity of voices around the world on this interactive map
20th Anniversary Celebration
Are you working with conference interpreters?
How to boost your productivity

Newsletter #3

The Ontario council on community interpreting (OCCI) welcomes the healthcare interpretation network (HIN)
The Book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”
Lost in Translation: How foreign-speaking patients suffer without medical interpreters
Lost in translation: When parents and pediatricians don’t speak the same language
20th Anniversary Celebration
Handbook of terminology
Overcoming Stress

Newsletter #4

This Jay’s big-league job was found in translation
The Book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”
FIT position paper on the future for professional translators
Jesus film project celebrates 1,500th language translation of most watched movie in history
20th Anniversary Celebration
Igor Kudashev: Quality assurance in terminology management
5 ways to brighten your morning

Newsletter #5

Bad language: Why being bilingual makes swearing easier
The Book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”
Lack of resources is the number one challenge of terminology management in organizations
How to learn a new language: 7 tips from TED translators
14 everyday struggles of bilingual people
How to revive a 500-year-old dying language
20th Anniversary Celebration

Building unshakable confidence

February 2017

Newsletter #1

What makes for a successful translation project?
The Book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”
Open letter to the president of the United States of America
20th Anniversary Celebration
The “Untranslatable” emotions you never knew you had
How to experience excitement every day

Newsletter #2

2017 is our 20th Anniversary and we are ready to celebrate!
Our first celebration is a raffle for a Valentine’s Day dinner for 2. We will buy the winner a gift certificate worth $100 for your favourite restaurant.
Entries: Let us know which of our core values you appreciate the most.
We are accepting entries until February 13 3:00 pm.
Send your entries to
All our readers are invited to participate!

Newsletter #3

Tanzanian Guide Arrested for ‘Fake Translation’ of Tourist’s Remark
Government Reaffirms Support for Bilingualism and Translation Bureau
The book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”
The 20th Anniversary Celebration Continues!
How to be More Charismatic

Newsletter #4

The fight is on to save Toronto’s Endangered Languages
Conference Interpreting Made easy
The book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services”
The 20th Anniversary Celebration Continues!
Rhino Case Halted, No Mandarin Interpreters
Say Goodbye to Getting Sick!

January 2017

Newsletter #1

2017 is our 20th Anniversary and we are ready to celebrate!
The book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting Services”
Breaking Silence: What interpreters need to know about victim services interpreting
Google translate will not replace human translators (yet)
Say WHAT?! The most hilarious sign translation fails from around the world revealed
Study: Language barriers holding back global science
New Year, New Me… Right?!

Newsletter #2

Progress report on official languages – Council of the network of official languages champions – December 2016
The book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting Services”
Lost in Translation at the international workplace
The sooner you expose a baby to a second language, the smarter they’ll be
AIIC conversations: Why training for conference interpreters? (VIDEO)
Why bounce on a rebounder?

Newsletter #3

Interpreting getting stronger in Ontario HIN joined the OCCI Healthcare Division!
Interpreters – The glue that binds NATO together
Lack of interpreter delays murder sentencing
The book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting Services”
20th Year Valentine’s day raffle
Medical terminology dictionary
Lost in translation: The difference between ‘four’ and ‘ten is more than 10,000 Yuan for Chinese

The Secret to getting back on track

Newsletter #4

Lost in Translation? French Finance Minister’s Lack of English Baffles US Bankers
Parents Plan to Sue Province Over Lack of a French-Language High School
The book “How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting Services”
Multilingualism: Switzerland’s Unique Selling Point
20th Year Valentine’s day raffle
How Healthy is Terminology in a Multilingual European Context?
Create More Meaningful Relationships

2016 Newsletters

December 2016

Newsletter #1

Trudeau Government to Update Federal Rules for Service in English, French
How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting services
Marijuana task force wraps study but findings stuck in translation
Toronto teen uses app to give visually-impaired a new look at the world
Why family members should never interpret at medical appointments
How to Capture Magic Moments

Newsletter #2

Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours
The Perils of Machine Translation
Lost in Translation: Woman Withdraws Rape Case After Not Understanding FIR Written in Marathi
How to Get it Right When Contracting Conference Interpreting Services Book
How Note Taking Provides You With Better Interpreting Skills
Free Raffle – Win Tickets to the Toronto Power Group January Kick-off Event
The Amazing Brains of the Real-Time Interpreters
Finding Your Purpose

Newsletter #3

Happy New Year!
Tap Into The Power of Goal Setting
Vision – Where Goals are Born
Congrats to the 2 Winners to the Toronto Power Group
Mastering Time and Efficiency
Set Your 2017 Up to Win

November 2016

Newsletter #1

Woes of Canada’s Translation Bureau Compounded by Minister’s Response
The Worst Video Game Translation Job Ever
Translation Errors Disrupt Trial of ex-Japan Red Army Member
Meet the Spanish Interpreter Who’s Making History at This Year’s World Series
How to Get Yourself Feeling Motivated

Newsletter #2

Machines May Never Master the Distinctly Human Elements of Languages
 AIIC Conversations: A Video Series About Conference Interpreting
Interpreters Say It’s Nearly “Impossible” to Translate Donald Trump’s Rhetoric Into Other Languages
Multi-Languages Annual Conference
 How to Triumph Over Disaster

Newsletter #3

Canada’s Translation Bureau Responds to Allegations
Our Shared Anthem
How to get it right when contracting Conference Interpreting Services.
Congrats to the Association of Professional Language Interpreters APLI
Multi-Languages Annual Conference
How to get the best sleep of your life

Newsletter #4

We had a great time at our annual conference!

Check out some of the highlights from this year’s event. We look forward to seeing you next year!

October 2016

Newsletter #1

Quality Health Educational Resources for Diverse Populations
California bill may open door to state-funded medical interpretation services
We say goodbye to one of the greatest contributors to translation studies
May you appreciate the beauty and love around you and…
Thank you for always being on time!
How to tap into Creativity

Newsletter #2

Conference Interpreting Tools from ORCIT (Online Resources for Conference Interpreter Training)
People are Sharing the Most Hilarious English Translation Fails
Just for fun: VIDEO – Les Miserables in 17 languages
Multi-Languages Annual Conference
Noam Chomsky on the evolution of language: a Biolinguistic Perspective
The Power of Peer Group

Newsletter #3

Preventing Vital Health Care Information From Being Lost In Translation
Immigrant Groups in Quebec Question Fairness of Driver’s Exam Translations
Free Course: Working with Translation: Theory and Practice
Just for fun: Video “Music of the Night” – Compilation in Different Languages
You are cordially invited to the 2016 HIN Annual General Meeting
Multi-Languages Annual Conference
How to Gain More Confidence

Newsletter #4

9 Little Translation Mistakes That Caused Big Problems
CEO of Canada’s Translation Bureau Leaves Post
Shortage of Indigenous-Language Interpreters Slows Justice in Northern Quebec
This is What Happens When You Use Google Translate
Multi-Languages Annual Conference
Become an AMAZING Public Speaker

September 2016

Newsletter #1

Happy Labour Day! Are we in for “FAIR TRADE” Interpreting?
Wife Cake and Evil Water: The Perils of Auto Translation
Power of Success for Women
The English Translation of Britney Spears “Coupure Electrique” Lyrics
The High Cost of Cheap Translation
We Want to Hear From You
The Power of Good Posture

Newsletter #2

Bing Translation Error Connects ISIS With Saudi Arabia
How English Gave Birth To Surprising New Languages
Intonation In Simultaneous Interpreting
9 Hilarious and Bizarre Movie Title Translations
APLI Professional Development Workshop
We Want to Hear From You
The Amazing Benefits of Tea

Newsletter #3

The Slogan for Apple’s New Iphone 7 Translates Into “This is Penis” In Hong Kong
Trump Body Language Take Likely Got Lost in Translation: Experts
Two New Courses on research methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies
Upcoming Changes to ATA’s Certification Program
How to Stay Focused

Newsletter #4

‘To err is human’ – Comical gaffes and quiet triumphs of a UN interpreter
Writing Systems of the World Today
Why are Interpreter Working Conditions Important?
Multi-Languages Annual Conference
The 4th Annual Basket Brigade
Benefits of Volunteering

Newsletter #5

‘Transforming Canada’s Linguistic Marketplace
International Translation Day
“If you have an excuse, don’t use it…”
Risk and Liability in the Language World
The 4th Annual Basket Brigade
How to be a Great Leader

August 2016

Newsletter #1

What Putin Actually Said About Donald Trump
What are the benefits of being punctual?
We Want to Hear From You!
How Being Bilingual Rewires Your Brain
New Study Reveals That Even Before Infants Can Talk, Language Shapes Their Cognition
Translator’s Code of Ethics
Benefits of Gratitude

Newsletter #2

Rio Olympics: Mayor Eduardo Paes Asks Australians Not to Come to Brazil With Unrealistic Expectations
Doctors Say Your Word Choice Can Hugely Change Your Brain
We Want to Hear From You!
For Children With Autism, Multiple Languages May be a Boon
What Outstanding Translators and Interpreters Have in Common
OCCI-ACI Accreditation
The Power of Music

Newsletter #3

Translation Error Causes Milka Recall
Language Interpreters and Emotional Intelligence
We Want to Hear From You!
The Translation Challenges of ‘The Little Prince’
Memory-Boosting Trick: Exercise After Learning
21 Emotions For Which There Are No English Words (Info graphic)
How To Be Instantly More Productive

Newsletter #4

Tesla’s Autopilot Scrapes Up Against Its Chinese Translation
How Bad Translations by Court Interpreters Can Turn Misunderstanding Into Injustice
Power of Success for Women
Man Charged in Stabbings Runs Into Translation Challenge in Court
We Want to Hear From You!
Lost inTranslation: Chinese Tourist Taken for Refugee In Germany
The Power of Habits

July 2016

Newsletter #1

European Commission rejects claims English will not be EU language
10 Relationship Words That Aren’t Translatable Into English
From ‘stir-fried Wikipedia’ to an ‘explosive dog’: Hilarious signs from all over the world show what happens when the little details are lost in translation
Canadian scholar says there’s no such thing as ‘perfect’ translation

Benefits of Exercise

Newsletter #2

Don’t Get Lost in Translation
Brain Scans Reveal Which Networks Help us to Learn a Foreign Language
China’s Tarnished Image Hinders Efforts to Get Others to Speak its Language
The Magic of “Untranslatable Words”

Documentary on Tony Robbins on Netflix – July 15th

Newsletter #3

Greek Drama: Siemens Trial Hangs Pending Translation
Germany: Man Arrested on Suspicion of Translating for IS
Take Free Online Courses from Top Universities
We want to hear from you!
Korea to Fix Mistranslation on English Menu

5 Benefits of Being an Early Riser

Newsletter #4

Rare Pokémon Teach us About Localization
Mississauga Drunk-Driving Case Dropped After Man Not Given Punjabi Interpreter
Digital Translation Services: Reducing Costly Errors in High-Risk Industries
Can You Solve it? The EU Interpreter Puzzle
Despite Headaches, New Mass Translation Worth the Effort

Benefits of Drinking Water & How Much You Should Drink

June 2016

Newsletter #1

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ News And Updates: Pikachu Renaming Controversy Causes Unrest Among Hong Kong Fans
Toronto the diverse: BBC study declares city most diverse in the world
HIN Recruitment Fair
Video: Let them hear You – The added value of interpreting
Free Raffle to win tickets to the Toronto Power Group June event
Save the Date for the – Multi-Languages Annual Conference
How can meditation improve our lives?

Newsletter #2

Standing Committee on Official Languages – House of Commons
Map Of Canada Showing You How Bilingual Cities Are Across The Country
HIN Recruitment Fair
Sex assault charges changed for improper translation
Free Raffle to win tickets to the Toronto Power Group June event
French Catholics face battle royale over Roman missal Translation
Save the Date for the – Multi-Languages Annual Conference
How to Improve your Sleep

Newsletter #3

HIN 8th Annual Recruitment Fair a Success
The Language Animal by Charles Taylor review – how words change our world
The challenges of translating the U.S. census questionnaire into Arabic
Why is bad translation such a problem in Quebec?
How interpreters juggle two languages at once – Ewandro Magalhaes
The Power of Smiling

Newsletter #4

Lyrics to French O Canada still a politically correct nightmare, but nobody cares
Brad and Angelina’s kids are learning seven languages
What is different in the bilingual brain?
Mexican restaurant sues KFC for its Spanish translation of ‘finger lickin’ good’
Hong Kong’s stateless children lost in translation as refugee claims soar
The Scientific theory of happiness

Newsletter #5

Happy Canada Day!
Research: Why Best Practices Don’t Translate Across Cultures
Wife cake and evil water: The perils of auto-translation
Canada Post strike update
Franz PÖCHHACKER: A conversation about research on conference interpreting
Human Potential

May 2016

Newsletter #1

Nuns protest $14.5-M L.A. convent sale to Katy Perry, saying Vatican decree used in deal was mistranslated
Neuroscientists create ‘atlas’ showing how words are organised in the brain
Translator’s Code of Ethics
Seneca College Part-time Studies – Language Interpreter Training Workshops
Why do I need to take some supplements if am I eating healthy?

Newsletter #2

Translation Scams: Tips for Avoiding Them and Protecting Your Identity
Save the Date for the – Multi-Languages Annual Conference
Seneca College Part-time Studies – Language Interpreter Training Workshops
Be part of the progress, be a pioneer! Get your OCCI-ACI accreditation now!
How does negativity and positivity affect our brains?

Newsletter #3

Commissioner Official Languages Graham Fraser Webcast 2015–2016 Annual Report – 2015 – 2016 Annual Report
Simultaneous Interpreting
Artist reclaims Toronto streets using Ojibway language
Seneca College Part-time Studies
Language Interpreter Training Workshops
Be part of the progress, be a pioneer! Get your OCCI-ACI accreditation now!
Save the Date for the – Multi-Languages Annual Conference
The amazing benefits of Reading

Newsletter #4

EgyptAir denies finding wreckage of missing flight, cites translation mistake
Trained Interpreters Can Help Prevent Medical Errors
Free Raffle to win tickets to the Toronto Power Group June event
What makes for a successful translation project?
Be part of the progress, be a pioneer! Get your OCCI-ACI accreditation now!
Save the Date for the – Multi-Languages Annual Conference
Why should we be honest and practice integrity?

April 2016

Newsletter #1

White House under fire for ‘Censoring’ video of French President’s speech by eliminating Interpreter’s Translation of the words ‘Islamist Terrorism’
Backbreaking: 80% of Freelance Translators Suffer From Neck Pain, Survey Finds
Interpreter gets some very big news
Audio Description – The Visual Made Verbal
The Basics of Verbing Nouns
Seneca College Part-time Studies
Language Interpreter Training Workshops

The Power of Green Smoothies

Newsletter #2

Comparative Revision: An Essential Step
Antitrust Controversy: ATA Responds to Allegations It Puts Association First Over Members
Right brain structures may hold clue to language recovery after stroke
Language in the eye of the beholder
Luckily for English speakers, machine translation still can’t match a native’s touch
Neuroscience Reveals 4 Rituals that will make you Happy

Newsletter #3

Why native English speakers fail to be understood in English – and lose out in global business
Hiroshima Declaration Lost in Translation: White House offers fresh hints on possible visit to Hiroshima by Obama
In with the in crowd: secret languages can confuse, exclude or empower
Police translation skills questioned in federal case
Seneca College Part-time Studies – Language Interpreter Training Workshops
5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Goals in Writing

Newsletter #4

What makes for a successful translation project?
Are you an expert on Conference Interpreting?
Shakespeare According to Google Translate
Seneca College Part-time Studies – Language Interpreter Training Workshops
Be part of the progress, be a pioneer! Get your OCCI-ACI accreditation now!
The Amazing Benefits of Good Fats

March 2016

Newsletter #1

Canada court grants stay to Nazi interpreter on revocation of citizenship
Pharrell Williams – Happy (Google Translated to French)
Glendon Graduate Students Conference in Translation Studies
How Travel opens your Mind and your Language defines who you are
Universal Translators will lead to Sex and a lot of Misunderstanding
5 quick Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Newsletter #2

Clinton’s Drawl, Trump’s ‘yuuge’ N.Y. Accent and Campaign ‘Code-Switching’
‘Pepsi War’: American Hotline for Syrians Lost in Translation
Phillies’ Latin American Players Found in Translation
Study Suggests Different Written Languages are Equally Efficient at Conveying Meaning
‘A Real Prince Would Help Us’: Afghan Interpreters Seeking Asylum in UK Appeal to Prince Harry
How to Set Your Day Up For Success!

Newsletter #3

Murder trial delayed by interpreter issue
Lost in Translation: 8 International Marketing Fails
The Rolex of Translation: Switzerland’s Federal Language Services
Revision Guidelines critical for an outstanding Quality Assurance Process

How to Instantly Feel Better With Laughter

Newsletter #4

The OCCI-ACI Accreditation on the Federal Government’s Language Portal of Canada
Ontario budget translations began before public consultations were over
Trudeau speech gets lost in translation at White House to gibberish
Lost in translation; no interpreter at City Council
European Parliament Glossaries from EU institutions and bodies

The Power of Positive Thinking

Newsletter #5

Watchwords: Translation software can yield laughable results
Study identifies language gaps in health care
Document translation pushes back murder trial
Trump gets lost in translation in Buenos Aires; Obama takes advantage
President Obama: Daughter Malia’s Spanish ‘Is Much Better Than Mine’

Why You Should STOP Complaining

February 2016

Newsletter #1

It’s a Matter of Life and Death: Insurers Must Cover Language Services
Video: All The Colours, Including Grue: How Languages See Colours Differently
Congrats to the 5 winners from our January raffle
There are hundreds of positive emotions that have no direct English translation
What are the benefits of blending or Juicing?

Newsletter #2

 Court reverses conviction of man accused of sexual abuse at deaf school
Those Incredible Interpreters
Science Has Great News for People Who Read Actual Books
TED Talk Video: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are
I CAN DO IT Seminar
Why bounce on a rebounder (mini-trampoline)?

Newsletter #3

Don’t rely on Google – invest in languages to grow your business
Speaking More Than One Language Eases Stroke Recovery
Revision Guidelines critical for an outstanding Quality Assurance Process
All 30 MLB teams will have full-time Spanish interpreters in 2016
Why You Swear in Anglo-Saxon and Order Fancy Food in French: Registers
Language Industry Conference 2016: Lead Your Business
Experience the Power of Success Live
How can Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) help us in our daily lives?

Newsletter #4

Adele’s ‘Hello’ Gets Lost in Translation
Loss for words can be a rare brain disorder, not Alzheimer’s
Are Our Thoughts Just Language Living in the Brain?
Why computers suck at Translation
Positive, emotionally charged words you won’t find in the English language
What are the benefits of Ginger and Lemon tea?

January 2016

Newsletter #1

Google Translate turns Russia into ‘Mordor’
Maharashtra govt bars employees from using Google Translate
Multi-Languages Annual Conference Videos
January free raffle
Ideas to add to our New Year’s Resolutions
Humber College LITP Information Sessions
Interpreters: new system to report hours

Newsletter #2

Machines, Lost In Translation: The Dream Of Universal Understanding
Check some of our newest video testimonials
January free raffle
Google says Russian translation error that referred to politician as ‘sad little horse’ was result of a bug
The importance of gut’s health

Newsletter #3

Spelling error on bronze plaque unveiled by Queen cost taxpayers $4K to fix
Your paper brain and your Kindle brain aren’t the same thing
January free raffle – We are constantly collecting testimonials and/or Google Reviews
OCCI has a YouTube Channel
HIN Educational Session: Respecting Patient Privacy and Confidentiality – Interpreter Best Practices
How can we have more great days, and less bad days?
Interpreters: new system to report hours

Newsletter #4

Treasury Board didn’t consider official language rules during spending review: Audit
Lost in translation: Mistakes make govt replies in parliament a ‘useless’ affair
Last week to submit your free entry to our January raffle
2 minute video from the Multi-Languages Board Break exercise
Multi-Languages supports the Language Interpreter Training Program – LITP
HIN Educational Session: Respecting Patient Privacy and Confidentiality – Interpreter Best Practices
Language Industry Conference 2016 – Lead Your Business
Be part of the change, be a pioneer! Get your OCCI-ACI accreditation now!
3 decisions that can change your life

2015 Newsletters

December 2015

Newsletter #1

The Ontario Council on Community Interpreters OCCI successfully launched on December 1 the new credential of Accredited Community Interpreter (ACI).

Newsletter #2

Shortage of Arabic, Kurdish and Assyrian Interpreters greater than expected in Canada
Facebook privacy judgement ‘waiting for translation’
Interpreters: Are you an OCCI-ACI Accredited Interpreter?
 Inaccurate Translation Invalidates Arbitration Agreement
Why we should be honest and practice integrity?

Newsletter #3

1st planeload of Syrian refugees land on Canadian soil
The Siemens affair: Lost in translation
Meet Pope Francis’ admired interpreter
Humber College LITP Information Sessions
Do you have your 2016 goals ready?

Newsletter #4

May you experience a beautiful holiday season shared with your family and loved ones. We wish for you to experience all the positive emotions that you deserve and may you keep gratitude and love close to your heart.   It has been our privilege to share this year with you.
Star Wars Lost in Translation
Effective time mastery tips

Newsletter #5

We wish you all the health, joy, gratitude, love and prosperity you deserve for 2016
Effective time mastery tips
Why do we procrastinate?

November 2015

Newsletter #1

How good is Skype’s instant translation? We put it to the Chinese stress test
Why do I need a team for conference Interpreting?
OCCI-ACI Accreditation News! Save the Date!
Lost in translation? Iberia sparks ‘Palestine’ row on Tel Aviv flight
The Endless Challenges of Translation
Benefits of Fasting

Newsletter #2

ONTERM – Ontario Government Terminology
Justin Bieber Lost in Translation
Google Translate error sees Galicia celebrate ‘clitoris festival’
Accused terror plotter Omarjan Azari to challenge translations of phone call with ISIS leader
Humber College LITP Information Sessions
Quick Tips for Working With Interpreters
 What are the benefits of self-confidence?

Newsletter #3

Our Annual Conference is this Saturday!
This week’s newsletter is dedicated to provide the final conference details

Newsletter #4

OCCI-ACI Accreditation Official Launch!
The Community Interpreter
Congratulations to the Multi-Languages Excellence Award Winners 2015!
Animated map shows how Indo-European languages may have evolved
Takeaways from the Multi-Languages Conference “Board Break” activity.
7 Science-Supported Memory Phenomena that Help You Remember Words More Efficiently

October 2015

Newsletter #1

South Korean and Chinese Summit Lost in Translation
TED TALK: Want to be happy? Be grateful
International Translation Day
Patient who had needless double mastectomy after translation mix-up in Spain is suing hospital for €600,000
Interpreters: Have you obtained your OCCI-ACI Accreditation?
Multi-Languages Annual Conference – The “Board Break” is back
Toronto Power Group Basket Brigade
Linguist documents dying languages still spoken in Toronto
What are some of the benefits of gratitude?

Newsletter #2

Are you attending the Multi-Languages Annual Conference?
Dangerous False Friends or False Cognates
Congratulations to the first OCCI-ACI Accredited interpreters
Congratulations to the Multi-Languages Excellence Award Winners 2015!
Elections Canada translator fired
The French-language leaders’ debate: Lost in translation, or just lost?
How does bisphenol-A (BPA) affect our health?

Newsletter #3

EU court strikes down Brussels’ language regime
Gov. Brown signs law requiring translation of drug information
Save the Date – OCCI Event
Multi-Languages Conference update
FIFA Lost in Translation
Why are “I AM” Statements Powerful?

Newsletter #4

Certified since 2009
Pangdemonium’s Chinglish enjoys getting lost in translation
Informed consent defines 21st-century medicine
What makes language interpreting different from translation?
Last member of 65,000-year-old tribe dies, taking one of world’s earliest languages to the grave
Processed meats do cause cancer – WHO

September 2015

Newsletter #1

Happy Labour Day! Are we in for “FAIR TRADE” Interpreting?
We have an International Standard for Translation Service Providers (TSPs) ISO 17100!
Terminology survey
Translator who was ‘denied refuge in Britain’ executed in Afghanistan

Newsletter #2

All languages have evolved to have this in common
Why is Canadian English Unique?
Amazing News!! OCCI-ACI a Success!!!
Canada’s Language Map Looks Way Different Without English Or French

Newsletter #3

Peace One Day – Sept 21st 2015
MIT Scientists Discover A Universal ‘Link’ Between All Languages
Mexico’s Constitution Translated Into Mayan to Avoid More Tragedies
Translation challenges: From gang slang to poetic rabbits
Lost in Translation: Dubai court judgment on meaning of ‘counter signatory’ in shipping contracts
This One Linguistic Tactic Is Used To Deceive You. Learn What It Is So You Can Avoid Being Fooled

Newsletter #4

B.C. court interpreter delays lead to staying of drug charges
Lost in Translation: unnecessary double mastectomy due to language barrier
Let’s Celebrate International Translation Day!
One more week to Register for our Annual Conference, before it opens to the public
Toronto Power group – Basket Brigade
8 Benefits to Working Out in the Morning

Newsletter #5

Pope’s interpreter learns job brings surprises and fans
Pope Francis’ interpreter becomes unlikely star during historic papal visit
Found in translation: American players are learning Spanish to help bond with Latino teammates
Let’s Celebrate International Translation Day!
Multi-Languages Annual Conference – LAST 2 DAYS for exclusive registration
Interpreters: Have you obtained your OCCI-ACI Accreditation?
Toronto Power Group Basket Brigade
How can I improve my financial health?

August 2015

Newsletter #1

The Biggest Challenge for Regulators That No One’s Talking About: Translation
Speech recognition from brain activity
Taylor Swift lost in translation
15 Words In Other Languages That Don’t Translate Into English

Newsletter #2

Lawrence police dispatcher on leave after Spanish translation issues
Cantonese language could disappear, says UBC linguist Zoe Lam
Peru works to preserve Indian languages
A francophone is humiliated at Toronto’s Billy-Bishop Airport after asking for French language services

Newsletter #3

A translation of the Saudi Cables document to ‘bring down’ the Syrian regime
Why ‘Jews’ were lost in translation in BBC Children of the Gaza War documentary
Finding the right words to translate trauma
Didn’t learn a second language as a kid? No worries. Here’s why you might want to learn one anyway

Newsletter #4

Fredericton road signs seem lost in translation
12 Most Embarrassing Mistranslations in History
Valuing Languages
Tool can help assess cognitive impairment in multicultural populations

July 2015

Newsletter #1

What happens to our language in our old age
US now has more Spanish speakers than Spain – only Mexico has more
Non-English speaking public school parents aren’t getting promised translation services: survey
Community Interpreters: Get Accredited!
Why Is English Spelling So Weird?
Summer Raffle: Power of Success Event

Newsletter #2

AIIC: How to prepare  for interpreting assignments
Honda To Set English as Official Language
NYC dealership must provide documents for non-English speakers
Lost in translation: Hip nickname for South L.A. leaves some feeling lonely

Newsletter #3

Why a Deaf Woman Is Suing the Hospital Where She Plans to Give Birth
Linguistic Paranoia – Why is Australia so Afraid of Languages?
The Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities Translated in Hebrew
The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain – Mia Nacamulli

Newsletter #4

Understanding barriers to accessibility
Language: evolution in the digital age
How India changed the English language
Why I taught myself 20 languages — and what I learned about myself in the process
Summer Raffle: Power of Success Event

June 2015

Newsletter  #1

You Should Never Rely On Google Translate, (Here Is Why).
Drivers Test Translation Lawsuit Settled by HDOT
Multi-Languages Corporation received the ISO 17100 Certification
Editors’ Association of Canada launches Canada’s first French editing certification program
Cantillon: How Christine Lagarde’s ‘potential’ was lost in translation. Loose interpretation of IMF chief’s words on ‘Grexit’ had the power to move markets

Newsletter     #2

Translation error delays crash victims’ burials
Is Translation an Art or a Math Problem?
Lost in translation: unprofessional court interpreters
Spanish the language of the 21st Century
Lost in translation: when Disney lyrics turn Italian
Crown to pay costs over language rights violations
Social determinants of health: Money

Newsletter  #3

Themes of the Pope’s Encyclical on Climate, Equity and the Environment Emerge in Italian Leak
Trauma takes toll on interpreters in confronting cases
Life involves translation, words hold different meaning depending on perspective
The Search For The First Language
Winnipeg family faces $200K bill to send deaf son to U.S. university
Humber College upcoming LITP Information Sessions

Newsletter  #4

We have an Accreditation Structure for Community Interpreters in Ontario! The Ontario Council on Community Interpreting (OCCI) finalized the accreditation structure and, as of July 1st 2015, the OCCI in partnership with the Association of Professional Language Interpreters (APLI) will start receiving applications from interpreters interested in obtaining the credential of “Accredited Community Interpreter (ACI)”.

Newsletter  #5

Happy Canada Day
Kurdish community hails Quran in their language
We’ve Been Wrong About Where the Brain Processes Language for 141 Years
Summer Raffle: Power of Success Event

May 2015

Newsletter #1

The Biggest Challenge for Regulators That No One is Talking About: Translation
The shocking differences in basic body language around the world
11 Ways to Make Your Content Appealing to International Audiences
Legal fairness demands protection of the right to interpreters
Write a Google Review about Multi-Languages to enter our Free raffle
‪ Terminology and Term – An interactive presentation
Your concerns addressed

Newsletter #2

Buffett offers simultaneous interpretation for Chinese investors
Coca-Cola Is Now Printing Cans and Bottles in Braille for Blind People
Lost in translation: Six gestures you might want to be careful doing overseas
Gender-neutral title ‘Mx.’ may be added to leading dictionary
Survey on medical interpreting for research project – Izabel E T de V Souza, M.Ed., CMI-Spanish
We are recruiting interpreters

Newsletter #3

Did the Pope Actually Call Abbas an “Angel of Peace”?
Theories of directional equivalence in #translation
Superheroes in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ get lost in translation in China
Shanghai sets out to correct ‘Chinglish’ signs

Newsletter #4

Lost in Translation: Top Iran General Threatens ‘80,000 Missiles’ on Israeli Cities Over Bad Translation
Congratulations to our American Colleagues for publishing the ASTM Interpreting Standard
Sign language interpreter catches MP swearing in parliament… and interprets the only way she knows how
European Union to become Monolingual
7th Annual HIN Recruitment Fair!

April 2015

Newsletter #1

What makes for a successful translation project?
Speaking a second language may change how you see the world
Being bilingual may delay Alzheimer’s and boost brain power
Swedish Sign Language Interpreter Steals The Spotlight In Viral Video
French: Lingua Franca
Before You Travel, Learn How Body Language Drastically Changes Around The World
Sexist Job Titles and the Influence of Language on Gender Stereotypes

Newsletter #2

Why Quality Is The Most Important Factor When Dealing With Translation Projects?
A ‘visual dictionary’: How the brain processes words as pictures to help you read faster
How Learning A New Language Actually Rewires the Brain
How Translators and Interpreters react to every day situations
Mysterious tribe brought to Europe the wheel and the basis of language
Mind your language! Swearing around the world
ISO 17100 Published

Newsletter #3

Translation time and cost thwart deportation attempt
American ambassador lost in translation
The equivalent of “It’s all Greek to me” in 30 other languages
Bilingualism benefits unilingual New Brunswickers, study finds
Proof that bilingual kids grow up to be more accepting and tolerant adults
Recording, Consent and Copyrights: What We Need To Know*

Newsletter #4

Simultaneous Interpreting – Practice makes perfect, but what makes for perfect practice?
Popular expressions English borrowed from other languages
When a man asks people to translate a hate message he’s received, their response is unforgettable.
Lost in translation: The strange tale of two Chinese investors, their friends and a disappearing fortune
‘Jackie Chan’ Translation Fails Are The Best Translation Fails
Under the AODA, information must be equally accessible

Newsletter #5

“The Perfect Storm” White Paper by By Izabel E.T. de V. Souza (Arocha) & Louis F. Provenzano Jr.
Video: Helen Campbell: Note-Taking for Consecutive Interpreting
Our Friends in Nepal need all of our help!
What Languages Do Bilinguals Count In?
The OCCI Tier Accreditation System for Community Interpreters in Ontario is ready!
Lost in translation: Swedes bring in wrong interpreters, report says
Lindsay Lohan lost in translation, mistakenly calls fans “donkeys”

March 2015

Newsletter #1

Microsoft billionaire reveals regret at never having learnt a foreign language
Diversity is an asset. Use it.
Don’t call me a translator!
Medals for Pan American Games incorporate Braille for the first time
What do you need to know about accessibility? Making information accessible

Newsletter #2

Lost in translation: do interpreter apps work?
Strangers learn sign language to give deaf man one morning without barrier
2002 riots: Translation errors delay hearing on Zakia’s appeal
When getting Fresh with your staff gets hopelessly lost in translation
Lost In Google Translation: A Walk Through Bensonhurst With Google’s New App
useful links and resources

Newsletter #3

You Won’t Believe The English Translation Of These Perodua Cars According To Google Translate
Policy on discrimination and language
GREAT NEWS! – The OCCI just finalized the documentation for the creation of the Tier Accreditation System for Community Interpreters in Ontario.
Ancient skeletons hold key to origins of language
10 Tips For Overcoming The Language Barrier When Expanding Overseas

Newsletter #4

The Hidden Danger – Lack of Informed Consent
Ángel González Chicago: Latinos Fare the Worst in U.S. Prison, Wrongfully Convicted
AIIC announces changes to language classification procedure
Poor translation targeted in confusing signs of the times
President’s message gets lost in translation
Local hospitals accused of discrimination, making patients feel ‘completely powerless’

February 2015

Newsletter #1

Google says sorry for translation service offering offensive words.
AILIA in collaboration with McCarthy Tétrault is pleased to announce an exclusive presentation on the Canada EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).
Bilingualism changes children’s beliefs about the world around them.
What does the world lose when a language dies?
Yes, we are judged on our accents.

Newsletter #2

Video: ISO Standards for Translation 17100
The greatest mistranslations ever
Human language accentuates the positive
Translation Is New Weapon in Propaganda War
Hearing halted after 9/11 suspects recognize interpreter from CIA black site AILIA event on Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. (CETA).

Newsletter #3

Single typo sinks 124-year-old company
Expo 2015 ‘Google Translate’ scandal
Professional Practice Conditions for Conference Interpreters in Canada
What information do you need to provide your Project Manager if you want to achieve high quality translation?

Newsletter #4

Lawyer’s translated letter to defendant leaked online
What are the benefits of being punctual?
Roles, Responsibilities and Standards of Practice for Translators
Humber College Language Interpreter Training Certificate Program & PLAR Information Sessions

January 2015

Newsletter #1

Man vs. Machine: Google Translate Jeopardizes Client Confidentiality
Bad translations hamper high-speed rail sales
What the World Will Speak in 2115?
Language skills change how your brain works
Why Save a Language?

Newsletter #2

Learning a language helps me talk back to the voice of depression
Quebec Order of Nurses responds to exam translation concerns
Language experts: English spelling needs overhaul to help learning
Does Processing Language Differently Mean More Efficiently?
Nepalese worker’s abortion case postponed over translation issue
Tool study shows language began over two million years ago

Newsletter #3

Hiring a sales person
40 brilliant idioms that simply can’t be translated literally
Is bilingualism an advantage?
Revision Guidelines critical for an outstanding Quality Assurance Process
Climate Linked to Human Language?
Afghan interpreter’s family attacked by Taliban

2014 Newsletters

December 2014

Newsletter #5

IMIA Farewell
Happy New Year
Goal Setting and Time Mastery Tips

Newsletter #4

How do languages connect?
It is time to submit nominations for the Inttranews Linguist of the Year Awards

Newsletter #3

Structured Specifications and Translation Parameters
Translation and Interpreting activities require the brain to function at optimal levels
How to become a Master of your Time
Where do Community Interpreters work?
How are learning languages and music linked?
Translating and Interpreting for mental health

Newsletter #2

Conference Interpreting
Ontario Council on Community Interpreting OCCI
Cost of Poor Quality in Translation
Canada-European Union: Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)
Explore the Languages of the World Finding Lost Languages In The Brain

Newsletter #1

Accreditation of Community Interpreters discussed at the APLI AGM
The amazing brains of the real-time interpreters
Danger: Acronym Minefield
ISO TC 37 SC 5 Standards
Lawsuit: patient denied interpreter

November 2014

Google Translate: Frozen’s “Let it Go” translated as “Give up”
In The Hospital, A Bad Translation Can Destroy A Life
Translation error leads to refugee evacuation
Multi-Languages Quality Guarantee
Multi-Languages Annual Conference a success

Sydney terrorism raid evidence has ‘glaring error’ in translation, court told
The Most Useful Foreign Languages For English Speakers
The Association of Professional Language Interpreters (APLI) invites all interpreters to its AGM
Poor translation in nursing exam causing problems for students

Dangers of Translation
Recorded conferences or presentations for practising simultaneous interpretation
JUDGE: Interpreter in church-line stabbing mistrial under investigation.
Vietnamese translation errors could affect Prop. 46 vote, leaders say

October 2014

Tech is removing language barriers but will jobs be lost in translation?
Our book “Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Translation” reached over 20,000 free downloads!
High price but no regrets for Israel’s gutsy Toyota whistle-blower
Multi-Languages Anniversary quality guarantee

Multi-Languages Annual Conference updates
10 Amazing Facts About Harry Potter in Translation
Language Portal of Canada
LITP sessions at Humber
Free erections? Tesco’s embarrassing cash machine translation mishap at new Aberystwyth store Bank machine

The world depends on translation to move forward. Translation defines religion, economics, politics, technology, science and every area of our lives. Catholic bishop’s debate over gays: lost in translation?
Oil scandal due to mistranslation
Video: Simon Sinek – Why Leaders Eat Last?
AILIA supports the Language Interpreting Training Program LITP

Multi-Languages 2014 Excellence Awards.
Nuclear deal was “lost in translation”.
TED Talks by Dr. Daniel Amen – “Change your Brain, Change your Life”.
Do you know how to prepare to become CAN CGSB 131.10 Certified?

Ebola info overload lost in translation
Budget cuts hurt Canadian bilingualism
CNN acknowledges translation and interpretation

September 2014

A Bilingual Brain is More Developed: Oui or No?
Toronto Airport ipads now with cafeteria menus in multiple languages!
Could Elkhart Co. court interpreter’s error cause other cases to be overturned?

Why is the “Purpose of the Translation” extremely important for a successful translation project?
AILIA has a new Board of Directors.
Am I too old to learn a new language?
The interpreters who make the UN’s work possible.
Multi-Languages Conference

How does a stomach injury turn into skull fracture for a hockey player?
Last chance to register for the #AILIA2014 Showcase.
Humber College information sessions.
Health tips.
TED Talk on how Language changed humanity

August 2014

New translation captures the power of ‘Anxiety’
Interpreter who took secrets to his grave
Are you organizing a translation project?

IMIA ED appointed FIT rep to ISO
APLI Healthcare Workshop
Glendon Internships
AILIA Showcase

Canada recognized at the FIT Congress!
Congratulations to our interpreters who have been Certified as Medical Interpreters (CMI)
Multi-Languages Conference Registration
AILIA Showcase

Registration for the Multi-Languages Annual Conference is now open Victoria College
The International Federation of Translators FIT has selected a new Council for 2014-2017
Steven Pinker: Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain

July 2014

Why The World Can’t Have One Universal Language?
80 percent of all content on the Internet is in 1 of 10 language

A Translator Who Talked and who posted Toyota’s secrets on the internet.
Outrage over bad translation on controversial WWII memorial.
Glendon, ATIO and Humber events

7 Reasons Why It’s Good To Speak Another Language
The Consistency Degree in the Use of Translation Procedures: A Pilot Study
ATIO Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation Seminar
Humber College offers Language Interpreter Training information sessions

June 2014

Ontario Council on Community Interpreting (OCCI)
Peace Negotiators say Focus on Ideology rather than Terminology
Which are the skills and competencies for community interpreters and how can they be demonstrated or assessed?
Why a Translator’s Code of Ethics?

We need your help during the transition required by the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Why the Translation Brief?
Video Testimonials
New BA in Spanish-English at Glendon
New Canadian Anti-Spam Law
Save the date for the Annual Multi-Languages Conference

May 2014

Translation errors delay telecom by-law
What is the Language Interpreter Training Program (LITP)?
Moral Judgment Influenced by What Language You Speak

Tamil Legal Glossary
Pope, Netanyahu spar over Jesus’ native language
Interpreter hopes to improve China relations.

Police’s lack of Spanish interpreter caused false imprisonment of pregnant woman, lawsuit claims
9 Little Translation Mistakes That Caused Big Problems
Winners of neuroscience Raffle

Translation errors cost $120 million Euros
Healthcare Interpretation Network Annual Fair
Language Barrier Continues to Thwart Victims of Crimes

“Jamaican patois interpreter shortage causes mistrial, leaving alleged drug smugglers in legal limbo”

April 2014

What is more dangerous: no interpreter or a doctor with poor language skills?
Translation issues in case of husband allegedly stabbing wife

Bad translation sent medics to wrong spot – update Spanish interpreter botched 9-1-1 translation, sent ambulance to wrong address, $3 million suit claims

What makes for a successful translation project?
Free Raffle for neuroscience lecture and workshop “Tune into Your New Destiny”
Ten Common Myths About Translation Quality

March 2014

Woman’s plea in native language goes untranslated, 3 lives lost
Law books
Why is it difficult to handle an “In-House Review” and how can it be done effectively?
Why is CGSB 131.10 Certification important for TSPs?

The Association of Professional Language Interpreters (APLI) presents “Healthcare Workshop – Part 2”
The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario invites you to the AGM
Ethics Debate

Are you aware of the 3 most common mistakes that create pain for purchasers of interpreting services?
15 Time Mastery Tips

Another murder trial lost in translation?
Why post secondary education is essential for community interpreters?

February 2014

Translation Errors as Non Functional Translations
The IMIA Launches Terminology Resources Database
Glendon College needs your input

RCMP uses services of unqualified ‪interpreter‬ for terror case.
Charities we support

Lawsuit for not providing interpreting services.
Health & Vitality Presentation and After Party video from the 2013 Multi-Languages Annual Conference

Andrew Clifford: Striving for Simo: A Practical Approach towards Self-Training
Julie McDonough Dolmaya: Crowdsourcing: Friend or foe for professional translators? videos from 2013 Conference

Holly Mikkelson: Interpreting in Legal Settings
Helen Capmbell: Note-Taking for Consecutive Interpreting videos from 2013 Conference

FREE 2014 I Can Do It Toronto Raffle

January 2014

Translation Quality
Did you know?
The listening process

Are you aware of some of the unique features of the National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services?
“I Can Do It” Free raffle

2013 Newsletters

December 2013

How can you get your clients or constituents to use your products or services or participate in your initiatives?
Multi-Languages has renewed its certifications once more under national and international standards
Linport – the Language Interoperability Portfolio Project
Great resource for interpreters and translators

On Good Terms with Terminologists

Christmas message

November 2013

My San Antonio ATA Conference Session Highlights
Study from the University of Massachusetts Medical Researchers show that removing language barrier is key to better care and lower health cost
Why is the Code of Ethics for translators essential?

Interpreting in the Gray Zone: Where Community and Legal Interpreting Intersect. By: Marjory A. Bancroft, Lola Bendana, Jean Bruggeman, Lois Feuerle

SDL TRADOS Licence free Raffle at Multi-Languages Conference

October 2013

Study shows In-Person Interpreters More Efficient Than Telephone or Video
Do you want to know some of the aspects that researchers found could be risky with the use of remote modalities?
How did “privacy” become “intimacy” for the City of Toronto?
Our Director, Lola Bendana elected to TermNet Board of Directors
Why getting certified as a TSP?

The 8 Standards of Trust that are essential for an ethical marketplace

Are we hiding the interpreting industry’s elephant in the room behind the law?

Why structured specifications and translation parameters are critical for translation quality?

September 2013

What exactly is Quality? What about Translation Quality?
Why text typology is so important in quality translation?
More on Fair Trade Interpreting….
How are community interpreters supposed to introduce themselves?
Translation Standards

Are we in for “FAIR TRADE” Interpreting?

Can Wal-Mart afford such translation errors?

August 2013

Are you aware of the critical elements you must consider when purchasing Translation Services?
Why response time is not an indication of quality?
What is the LITP – Language Interpreting Training Program?
Revision, review and proofreading. Are they all the same?

Are you aware of the critical elements you must consider when purchasing Translation Services?

Lost in translation (definitions)?
Multi-Languages Core Values

WARNING about Fraud in translation industry
New Speaker for annual conference confirmed

July 2013

California physician, Dr. David Margolius stated: “I, with my power to prescribe, almost killed my patient.”
Happy Canada Day!
National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services – NSGCIS
Why is Revision essential?
Glossaries and Termbases

Multi-Languages partners with the Charter for Compassion

Ten Common Myths About Translation Quality By: Nataly Kelly.
Do you want to register for our Annual Conference?
Why Canadian ‪Translation‬?

Are you aware of the 3 most common mistakes that create pain for purchasers of interpreting services?

June 2013

Top 1Oops Keyboard0 Brands Lost in Translation
Good, better, best practices in Terminology
Working with an interpreter
Do you want to know about the Canadian National Standards on Translation Services – CGSB 131.10?

A Milestone Reached for Community Interpreting in Canada!

AILIA and ORION webinars on CGSB 131.10

May 2013

Translation and interpretation mistakes to avoid
Improving Patient Safety Systems for Patients With Limited English Proficiency
Revision Parameters
Why do I need a team for conference Interpreting?

Annual Conference Announcement

April 2013

Translation and interpretation mistakes to avoid
What is Translator certification?
Free hard copy of book “Everything you ever wanted to know about translation”.
Multi-Languages – exclusive Translation Service Provider for Kontax in Canada
Legal Risks of Ineffective Communication

March 2013

Legal liability due to lack of professional interpreter – Case Study
The power of our brain
What is a TSP?

Free Raffle “I CAN DO IT” Seminar Toronto

February 2013

Frustrated or stressed dealing with complex translation or interpreting projects?
Revision Tips
National Coalition on Community Interpreting Education – Professionalization – Regulation
What does a successful translation project consist of?

January 2013

Our commitment to outstanding quality
What makes for a successful translation project?
National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters Receives NCCA Accreditation

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