High Quality Translation and Interpretation Services


Do you need your audio or video files in written form?

Transcription involves converting audio or video into text. We transcribe your audio or video files from multiple languages into multiple languages. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals will transcribe your audio files accurately and on time. We specialize in business interviews, focus groups, meetings, conferences, lectures, seminars, panel discussions, teleconferences and webinars. We are also experienced in transcribing a variety of audio and video topics such as education, healthcare, business, government, court, legal and more.

There are three (3) types of transcription known as Verbatim, Intelligent and Edited Transcription.

  • Verbatim: Every single word or mumble that is recorded is transcribed. Such as mmmm…, hmmmm…, I mean…, I know…, and more. Also even the emotions like laughter, excitement, fear, nervousness in voice or body language are all noted when transcribing.
  • Intelligent: This is also called “Smart Transcription” known as an accurate transcription for only the words said in the audio or video excluding the mmmm…, hmmmm…, I mean…, I know…, and more.
  • Edited: This transcription type is more of a summary and the transcriber omits sentences without changing the sense/meaning of the audio or video.

The type you require, length, context, and specifications of the audio file can affect the time needed and cost to transcribe the audio or video file. We also create debriefs or minutes from your recordings as required. Contact Us today for more information!