Language Policy for an Organization

What is Language Policy?

Before we start talking about Language Policy for an organization, it’s important to know what Language Policy is. Language Policy has been defined in many different ways. The definition that best describes our purpose for this article comes from Kaplan and Baldauf (1997),  “A language policy is a body of ideas, laws, regulations, rules and practices intended to achieve the planned language change in the societies, group or system”. 

Language Policy for an Organization

A Language Policy is a critical component of a larger Corporate Communication, Human Resources and/or Customer Service Policy that identifies the Corporate Vision in regards to global markets, multilingual communication with both clients, staff and contractors. A Language Policy increases efficiencies and decreases risk associated with miscommunication and lack of organization. 

Tips of what to include in a Language Policy for your organization

In modern times, most of us are working from different countries, speaking different languages and have different cultures. For this reason, it is critical to be able to establish a clear communication through given language policies. Here at Multi-Languages Corporation, we believe the following elements to be essential for an effective Language Policy:

  • • Language Management
  • • Language Practices
  • • Customer Service
  • • Protocols
  • • Contracts – Limitation of Risk and Liability
  • • Quality Assurance Process
  • • Qualification of Contractors / Language Assessment
  • • Needs Assessment
  • • Accessibility
  • • Efficiency / Cost Reduction
  • • Documentation
  • • Governance
  • • Prioritization

Why is it important to implement Language Policies into your organization?

Many employees have to figure out the best way to communicate efficiently despite their differing cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Considering the importance of effective communication for collaboration and team performance, it is very important to implement the right Language Policies to facilitate communication in your organization.

An organization’s correct functionality may depend on whether or not the language policies are being accurately applied. 

Language Policies at Multi-Languages Corporation

If you are a current client who we have helped with a Language Policy or supported you with your business processes, we will be happy to update your policy to consider the impact of virtual workplaces and new communication needs at no cost.