The Benefits of Cold Showers

For most, the idea of starting the day with a jolt of freezing water isn’t exactly appealing. After hearing a few of these benefits, you may change your mind and try it out for yourself.

Increased Alertness

When we shock our body with cold water in the morning, it is triggered to start taking deeper breathes (to keep our body warm), thus circulating more blood throughout our body generating more energy. This gives us a natural boost of energy for the day. 

Improves Circulation & Immunity

Cold water improves circulating by boosting blood flow to surround our organs. The cold water also causes our body to more efficiently pump blood throughout our system which improves our overall heart health.

Promotes Weight Loss

Cold water stimulates the mobilization of brown fat activity. It causes us to burn more calories and have been found to release as much as 9 pounds in a year if done consistently. 

Faster Recovery

Professional athletes don’t exactly take ice baths for ‘fun’ they do because it is one of the most effect strategies for reducing muscle soreness in the days following an intense workout. It has been shown to reduce muscle soreness 1-4 days after the training session.

It may not be the easiest practice to incorporate,  but with all of the associated benefits, it is worth trying it for yourself. Take a week and see the incredible benefits of starting your day with a cold shower.