High Quality Translation and Interpretation Services

Interpreter Request

If you would like to submit an interpreter request, please send us a detailed message including the following information or call our office for immediate assistance:

  • Organization’s name (client)
  • Type of interpreting assignment:
    • Conference Interpreting (Simultaneous Mode)
    • Community Interpreting (Consecutive Mode in areas such as Legal, Healthcare, Social Services, Education, Private Sector)
  • Language
  • Date and time
  • Number of hours – period of time to be booked
  • Location (address, city, suite)
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Subject matter
  • Background documentation available

You can call us at 416 296-0842, toll free at 1-800-568-8861 or email us at wecare@multi-languages.com to submit your interpreter request.

For Community Interpreting (Legal, Healthcare, Social Services, Education, Private Sector):

Our interpreters abide by the National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services NSGCIS and we support the new Ontario Council on Community Interpreting OCCI accreditation released in 2015. If you need an interpreter for Languages of Lesser Diffusion LLD, you need to submit your interpreter request in advance.

For Conference Interpreting / Simultaneous Interpreting:

We abide by the AIIC Standards For Conference Interpreting / Simultaneous Interpreting, you need to submit your interpretation request in advance. We need from you:

  • Company name
  • Language of presentations (not nationality) and language into which the interpretation is required
  • Date of the assignment
  • Number of participants
  • Time of the assignment and expected duration
  • Location
  • Room Setup
  • Live broadcast or recording requirements. Additional broadcast fee is charged by interpreters
  • Booth / AV technical requirements
  • Contact person at venue
  • Type of event
  • Background information so the interpreter can prepare for the encounter

Check more details on Conference Interpreting

We can also assist you with the simultaneous interpreting equipment.

It is of essence that the client familiarizes with protocols on how to work with interpreters, we will be happy to offer coaching or consulting sessions to assist you in this process. The service is free to our clients and it is offered for a fee to non-clients.

Thank you.