Multi-Languages Testimonials

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Multi-Languages is one of the most professional translation/interpretation/linguistic companies I have ever dealt with in my 25+ years of multinational professional experience. They are way above expectations in all the aspects: the best quality, professionalism, terms, conditions, understanding, pleasure to work with and in-depth understanding of all the related processes. They ARE professionals, they are the ones you can rely on to make your work perfect.

Karl Marx

I’ve been working with Multi-Languages for nearly 20 years and it has been one of the most positive experiences of my entire career. Their project coordinators and managers are a pleasure to work with, they offer interesting and rewarding assignments, and they treat everyone with the right mix of professionalism, cordiality and respect. What I find unique about this company –  is that when they provide learning opportunities, and Lola Bendana’s annual conferences have become a major event in this field, they do not restrict these to their own translators and interpreters, but keep them open to anyone in this challenging profession. Kudos!

Yuri Geifman

Multi-Languages Corporation is the best translation company I have ever worked with. They are extremely professional, not just with interpreters and translators, but with clients as well. Their director is the person I truly admire for her professionalism and knowledge and commitment to do right for the community. Their annual conference is a must-attend event for everyone who works in the language field. I highly recommend Multi-Languages for all your translation needs. Two thumbs up!

Tho Nhan

“As an ATIO-certified translator with over 40 years of experience, I have always been impressed by the professionalism, dedication and expertise of Multi-Languages. They all excel in what they are doing and are unusually responsive to their clients’ needs. I believe they continuously go well beyond what would be strictly required. In Multi-Languages informative, insightful, well-documented e-newsletter, they regularly educate people on language issues and share their philosophy on goodness. In all my career, I have never come across an agency doing so much for so many. ”

Daniel Pokorn

“Just a quick note to say thanks again, very much, for all your help arranging the interpreting services for my event last week. The interpreter was excellent and everything went well. I am, particularly grateful for the speedy and thorough help you offered from start to finish. It was fantastic service all around. I will most definitely be coming to you again when I need help!”

Dr. Arne Kislenko

“I have been working with Multi-Languages for the last decade as a Russian Interpreter/Translator and it has been the most unique experience in my professional life in terms of their professionalism, business conduct, work and personal relationships. They are not only a great company, but also a great team lead by their leader and director Lola Bendana. She is an amazing, with positive attitude, highly professional individual. Its a great pleasure to have business with them.”

Irene Friman

“The quality of Multi-Languages work is exceptional. They provide excellent services and consistently meet deadlines. We appreciate their responsiveness, availability, flexibility and that their work is guaranteed.”

Shawn Mintz

“I rank Multi-Languages Corporation number ONE Translation and Interpretation Services in Canada. I learned all virtues from Ms. Lola Bendana, the Director as well as other staff. In a friendly atmosphere, they treat the translators and clients very well, and are always there to help out.”

Firoozeh Ardeshiri

Best translation agency to work for, staff and owner are professional, caring and supportive. They recognize linguists throughout the year, promoting conferences, professional awards and regular communications. Thumbs up for Multi-Languages!

Laura Sa

“Having worked with Multi-Languages and Lola Bendana in particular for many years as a conference interpreter, I can recommend their services with confidence to clients and colleagues. Multi-Languages finds a proper balance between filling customers’ needs and defending the quality and interests of translators and interpreters. Multi-Languages is known as a leader in the field of accreditation and service standards in a sector where they were sorely lacking. Thank you, Multi-Languages.”

Andre Moreau

“My name is Pat and I have been a freelance Italian translator/interpreter for over 20 years. I have worked with Lola Bendana and her company Multi-languages Corp. for over 15 years. During this period of time we have enjoyed a mutual beneficial working relationship based on respect and professionalism. Lola has always rewarded and recognized the good work performed by her multicultural collaborators. Every fall she has held conferences featuring renown speakers for our benefit. I have also worked with several other Toronto based translation agencies. I have no hesitation in stating that no other translation company that I know, comes close to match Lola Bendana’s standards in the translation industry and the way she deals with translators, clients and members of her own staff.”

Pat Capo

“Multi-Languages provides high-quality translation and interpretation services. Their customer service is absolutely awesome, all people in the office are extremely positive and as a client you are provided with a unique experience. They provide consultation to provide you with the best service for your particular needs. They make the process smooth, are very knowledgeable and are the best translation and interpretation company in Canada! It’s truly a one-stop shop for all your translation needs! Highly recommended!”

Sanda Langer

“I am a freelance certified Translator of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario, Canada, and am affiliated with this organization since 2001. I came in touch with Multi-Languages Corporation in 2005 and joined since then to serve the industry. Ms. Lola Bendana, Director of Multi-Languages, contributes a lot for the Translation and Interpretation industry in Ontario, Canada, with her valued staff. 20 years ago, the translation industry was not seen so actively involved in every field, as it seems today and it is because of one of the great efforts of the Multi-Languages in promoting this industry in building a strong bridge between persons how they want their voices be heard and understood by those who don’t speak their languages. Multi-Languages is fair, sincere, hard working, trustworthy, and rising up to the expectations. That is the outcome of my experience with them with all best wishes to lead the field.”

Mohamad Shafique

“As a Farsi/Dari translator and reviser, I have worked with Multi-Languages Corporation for about 7 years. The Corporation is a place where experience and expertise get together to get translation jobs done in the best way with professionalism, putting a lot of emphasis on quality and clients’ satisfaction. Multi- Languages Corporation works with professional and experienced translators and allocate adequate resources towards updating their information and expertise by organizing conferences and seminars. In this regard, the Annual Conference of Multi-Languages Corporation for Interpreters and Translators in Toronto, Ontario, is an outstanding example which acts like a rendezvous for skillful translators, interpreters and stake holders in the field who come together from all over Canada, and some parts of the United States. Organizing a conference of this size needs a lot of efforts and resources which means that the company is not going after profit only, but improving the quality of its services and works to the clients is of vital importance to the Corporation. I’ve learned a great deal working with Multi-Languages Corporation and consider myself very fortunate to be a part of its Farsi and Dari team of professionals.”

Shafiq Ahmad Setak

“In my long experience over a couple of decades in language craft, I consider Multi-Languages Corporation as one of the best in the trade. In the fast evolving field of translation and interpretation, Multi-Languages provides its language services in a large variety of languages with distinction, paying astute attention to performance, quality and timeliness. They consistently show an extraordinary sense of responsibility and friendliness towards every organization and individual they serve, assist or support professionally. With an able director Lola Bendana at the helm, and an efficient team of office staff, Multi-Languages has been growing steadily over the years, marching with time. The dependability and style of service of Multi-Languages can be considered almost as industry benchmarks!”

Suppiah Sokka