Mohamad Shafique

“I am a freelance certified Translator of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario, Canada, and am affiliated with this organization since 2001. I came in touch with Multi-Languages Corporation in 2005 and joined since then to serve the industry. Ms. Lola Bendana, Director of Multi-Languages, contributes a lot for the Translation and Interpretation industry in Ontario, Canada, with her valued staff. 20 years ago, the translation industry was not seen so actively involved in every field, as it seems today and it is because of one of the great efforts of the Multi-Languages in promoting this industry in building a strong bridge between persons how they want their voices be heard and understood by those who don’t speak their languages. Multi-Languages is fair, sincere, hard working, trustworthy, and rising up to the expectations. That is the outcome of my experience with them with all best wishes to lead the field.”