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Certified Translation and Interpretation Service Provider
Certified Translation and Interpretation Service Provider
Certified Translation and Interpretation Service Provider
Certified Translation and Interpretation Service Provider

Our Outstanding Quality Guarantee

Certified Translation and Interpretation Service Provider

Our #1 priority is YOU, the client. We believe in bringing you only the highest quality work. Multi-Languages is committed to providing its clients with outstanding language and communication services (translation, interpretation, design, evaluations, etc.)

We are so confident in the high-quality services we provide, that we offer an “Outstanding Quality Guarantee.”

If for any reason, you feel our services have not met our guarantee of the highest quality, please contact us right away, and we will make it right for you. We go above and beyond your expectations to make your experience with us memorable. You can count on us for all of your language needs!

Certified Translation and Interpretation Service Provider
Certified Translation and Interpretation Service Provider

Certified KUDO Partner


We have been providing  Remote Simultaneous Interpreting since 2017. Our technology and interpreters are ready without having to rush to put the systems in place to meet the COVID19 demand.

We are very proud to be the very first Certified KUDO Studio in Canada. KUDO is a powerful cloud-based platform that allows people and businesses to collaborate and meet more effectively across geographic and language barriers. KUDO streams real-time language interpretation for web meetings and live conferences. We appreciate working with the KUDO team. Their professionalism, expertise in simultaneous interpreting, and innovative technologies make them #1.




Have You Claimed Your FREE COPY?

Our CEO & Founder Lola Bendana has written two books about the Translation & Interpreting industry.

The book on translation is Co-written with Dr. Alan Melby. 

The book on Conference Interpreting practices was Co-written with Prof. Helen Campbell.

Your Preferred High Quality, Translation, Interpreting and Language Service Provider in Canada.

Multi-Languages Corporation – Toronto’s Multilingual leader. Certified Translation, Interpretation, Design and Language Service Provider.

Do you know what it takes to obtain High-Quality Translation, Interpretation and Language Services?

Multi-Languages Corporation is a High Quality Certified Translation, Interpretation and Language Service Provider which was founded in 1997 with the vision to provide superior translation and interpretation services and improve the industry standards. We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We offer a wide range of language services including translation, interpreting, revision/layout, editing, proofreading, localization, design, braille, audio, video transcription, accessibility, language coaching  and business coaching.

Our team of highly educated and skilled professional translators, interpreters, designers, and coaches have extensive experience in the most varied fields. We are committed to providing the highest quality in translation, interpreting, languages, coaching and communication services.

We are one of the most trusted translation agencies in the world and proudly Canadian. More importantly, the Multi-Languages culture is about making the world a better place! We are changing the world, one person, at a time, saving lives and organizations  in multiple languages.

Because of what we do, people are happier and healthier. After two decades in business, we still believe in giving back, and we want people to feel happy and help others to achieve the same. It is a privilege to carry this mission. Helping others is what inspires us.

Multi-Languages Testimonials

Multi-Languages is one of the most professional translation/interpretation/linguistic companies I have ever dealt with in my 25+ years of multinational professional experience. They are way above expectations in all the aspects: the best quality, professionalism, terms, conditions, understanding, pleasure to work with and in-depth understanding of all the related processes. They ARE professionals, they are the ones you can rely on to make your work perfect.

Karl Marx

I’ve been working with Multi-Languages for nearly 20 years and it has been one of the most positive experiences of my entire career. Their project coordinators and managers are a pleasure to work with, they offer interesting and rewarding assignments, and they treat everyone with the right mix of professionalism, cordiality and respect. What I find unique about this company –  is that when they provide learning opportunities, and Lola Bendana’s annual conferences have become a major event in this field, they do not restrict these to their own translators and interpreters, but keep them open to anyone in this challenging profession. Kudos!

Yuri Geifman

Multi-Languages Corporation is the best translation company I have ever worked with. They are extremely professional, not just with interpreters and translators, but with clients as well. Their director is the person I truly admire for her professionalism and knowledge and commitment to do right for the community. Their annual conference is a must-attend event for everyone who works in the language field. I highly recommend Multi-Languages for all your translation needs. Two thumbs up!

Tho Nhan

Leadership - Involvement In The Sector

Learn how Multi-Languages is at the forefront of the language sector and constantly engaged in the growth of the Translation and Interpreting industry. Your leader as a Certified Translation and Interpretation Service Provider.

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Our services cover over 150 languages making sure that we have what you need no matter what!

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Supported Charities

We are proud to support many different charitable organizations and are grateful that we have the ability to give back to the community. Check out what we’re doing to make a difference!

Multi-Languages Core Values


We are more than just a language company, we are a partner in the success of our clients. Our team act as leaders in the language field and are constantly looking for ways to help the people we work with. The following are what our Multi-Languages truly stands for – our Core Values.













What We Stand For

We are more than just a language company, we are a partner in the success of our clients, we are looking out for the best interest of those who cannot communicate. Our organization act as leaders in the language field and are constantly looking for ways to help the people we work with. It is important for us to hold ourselves to the highest standard in terms of quality and care. At Multi-Languages, we are passionate about what we do and the people we work with.

Our team strives to create an unforgettable experience for the people that need us the most. Our company culture welcomes change with open arms and is constantly learns and grows. Constantly exceeding expectations and serving with integrity at all times.

We put the people we serve first, Their needs, wants, desires and goals are our #1 priority. We are grateful we get to be a part of our client’s success.