Translation Workflow

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Translation Workflow

Translation Workflow: To ensure a successful outcome, a translation project requires collaboration and coordination among the members of the translation team.
The translation team includes: the project manager, the client, the translator, the reviser, the proofreader, and in certain cases a reviewer and/or an editor.


Scope Of Work Formulation

  • Submission by the client of document(s) to be translated
  • Creation of an analysis of requirements
  • Creation of a quotation form, which becomes our Service Agreement after approved and signed by the client

Project Approval

  • Once the project is approved and the SOW (Scope of Work) is evaluated, we assign the Project Manager that will be working with the translation team

Project Initiation

  • The Project Manager confirms deadlines, format, fonts and any other special requirements from the client. The Translation Parameters are an essential part of the translation workflow.
  • Our clients play a crucial role in the success of the project. In order to keep consistency in the terminology and style, we ask our clients for as many supporting documents as possible (glossaries, translation memories, parallel and background texts). It is also important that we know some key factors such as the purpose of the translation, the text type, the end user (who would be reading the translated text) and the target audience
  • If a special design is required, an editor prepares the document for translation
  • The project is assigned to a qualified translator or team of translators that best fits the requirements

Project Execution

  • Analysis of the source text
  • Analysis of client’s specifications
  • Analysis of information provided by the client (text function, text type and end user)
  • All reference materials, terminology files and client’s specifications are sent to the translator
  • Questions from the translator are sent to the client for clarification
  • When completed, the translation is reviewed at our office to make sure it follows the original format and all designs and templates have been kept identical to the source
  • The translation is submitted for a full comparative revision
  • The translation is reviewed and proofread when applicable

Project Closure

    • The final document is sent to the client in the requested format
    • Confirmation of acceptance by client
    • Archiving of files according to the Service Agreement specification