Shafiq Ahmad Setak

“As a Farsi/Dari translator and reviser, I have worked with Multi-Languages Corporation for about 7 years. The Corporation is a place where experience and expertise get together to get translation jobs done in the best way with professionalism, putting a lot of emphasis on quality and clients’ satisfaction. Multi- Languages Corporation works with professional and experienced translators and allocate adequate resources towards updating their information and expertise by organizing conferences and seminars. In this regard, the Annual Conference of Multi-Languages Corporation for Interpreters and Translators in Toronto, Ontario, is an outstanding example which acts like a rendezvous for skillful translators, interpreters and stake holders in the field who come together from all over Canada, and some parts of the United States. Organizing a conference of this size needs a lot of efforts and resources which means that the company is not going after profit only, but improving the quality of its services and works to the clients is of vital importance to the Corporation. I’ve learned a great deal working with Multi-Languages Corporation and consider myself very fortunate to be a part of its Farsi and Dari team of professionals.”