How to Build Confidence in 2019

We are into the final weeks of January and it’s time to keep pushing forward with our 2019 goals. How do we build the confidence to make our goals a reality?

Enjoy the Journey to your Goals

We often get caught up in the end result of what we’re after as opposed to enjoying the journey we are on to achievement. A great way to build confidence is by getting present with where you are and finding ways to enjoy every step of the way. 

Surround Yourself with Confident People

You become who you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with people that are confident in who they are, you will find yourself becoming the same way. Your environment is everything – make sure it is one that builds confidence. 

Positive Self Talk

If we were to talk to others the way we talk to ourselves – we would have no friends. Learn to appreciates the parts of yourself that make you unique. Create daily affirmations and practice them every day. This will help you become truly confident from the inside out. 

Lean into Fear

Confidence is grown when we step out of our comfort zone and lean into fear. We experience the most growth when we are uncomfortable – this forces our confidence to build. You want to have more confidence? Put yourself in situations which you fear most.

Authenticity is Everything

The most confident people out there are those that are 100% authentic to who they are. They don’t try and be something they’re not or put on a mask to hide who they are. They fully express themselves. Confidence starts by knowing who you are. 

We all want a little more confidence – to do, be, or create more in this life. These tools will allow you to build more confidence so you can move towards your ideal life – so you can create the best year ever!