Create Unstoppable Energy

Have you ever wondered how some people show up on Monday full of energy? How some people seem to be ‘on’ all the time? It’s no secret. There are strategies you can put into practice that will take your energy to the next level. Here are a few: 

Get 7-8 Hours Every Night

Sleep is arguably the most important factor in having energy for the following day. Ideally, you want to aim between 7-8 hours a night consistently. That being said, everyone is different and has different needs so do what works best for you. 

Get Out of Bed… NOW!

The one thing that will drain your energy in the morning is staying in bed after initially waking up. Put your alarm clock across the room so you are forced to stand up and start your day. Get up and get moving! 

Move Your Body

Exercise is the easiest way to start feeling more energized right away. Make sure that your activity levels aren’t too high because this can result in fatigue. A quick jog or walk in the morning will do the trick! 

Get Around High Energy

You become the sum of the environment you are in. If you get around high energy people, places, or events, you will become high energy. Schedule out time to go to the gym, hang out with motivated people, or join a meet-up group so that you can keep your level of energy consistent. 

Take a Stretch Break

If you feel yourself powering down but have only conquered half the day, stand up and get a quick 5 minute stretch. By doing this, you can oxygenate your body and get ready to crush the rest of the day!