How to be More Charismatic

How do you naturally draw people in and become magnetic? Here are a few things that you can put into practice to make yourself even more charismatic: 

Listen More Than You Speak

People are naturally drawn to someone who listens more than they speak. Listen with the intent to understand, not just reply.

Make Others Feel Heard

Another key to charisma is to make people feel like what they’re saying matters. Make them feel like you’re fully attentive to what they’re saying.

Presence is King

There is nothing more attractive than someone who is fully living in the present moment. Make eye contact, ditch the phone, and be in the moment with the people you’re with. 

Shine the Spotlight on Others

One of the best ways to have people drawn to you is to be the champion of everyone around you. Compliment, be kind, and show people you care about them. 

Listen to the people in your life, make them feel heard, be present, and be the champion of everyone’s story.