The way you carry yourself can not only affect you physically, but emotionally as well. Poor posture has been directly related to stress, anger, and even depression. Having good posture will increase the good emotions you feel, as well as strengthen the overall structure of your body. The following are just some of the positive impacts of maintaining good posture: 

Energy Boost

Your level of energy is directly related to your physiology. When you have a strong posture, you will instantly feel more energized. Most people ‘feel lazy’ because they are in a physiology of laziness. Shift your posture to one of power and you will start to feel more energized and powerful. Ditch the coffee in the morning – just start standing tall and strong! 

Reduce Back Pain

Good posture is one of the biggest remedies for back pain. When you slouch, you put tremendous amounts of stress on your spine and neck. To strengthen these areas, you must practice good posture. The more you do it, the stronger you will become! 

Raise Your Confidence – Look & Feel GREAT! 

When you are standing or sitting upright, you look taller, slimmer, and more confident to the people around you. Aside from how you look to others, having an upright posture actually makes you feel more confident and certain of yourself. 

Lose Weight

Wait what? Yes, it’s true. It is found that having a good posture can burn up to 350 calories more throughout the day because you are putting less tension on your whole body, allowing everything to flow better.  

Build a Strong Core

When you get into the habit of having an upright posture, your core muscles are constantly being engaged. As time goes on, it will actually become easier to maintain good posture because your core will be stronger. Over time, you will feel more centred, balanced, and will even find yourself having a flatter stomach! 

Reduce Stress

Stress has a physiology linked to it. When you feel stress, you are usually tense and slouched. Just by changing your physiology to one of good posture, you can actually reduce the level of negative emotions and raise the level of calm you feel. Good posture = Less stress 

Enhance Productivity 

When you are sitting upright, you instantly feel more focused, present, and ready to take on the tasks at hand. This is because when you have good posture, you take in as much as 30% more air as opposed to when you are slouched. This means that when you slouch, it’s significantly harder to keep your energy levels high to get things done. 

If you want to physically feel better, experience better emotions, and strengthen your body, good posture should be the first thing you commit to. Stand tall, stand strong, and keep your head up.