Raise your Social Skills

Have you ever wondered how some people just have a certain magnetism about them? That people are just drawn towards their energy? To some, this comes more natural but this is something that can be learned and developed. The following are our top tips to raise your social skills and become a social magnet!

Focus on Positivity

People that are more positive tend to attract better relationships into their life. In any social setting, the person who has a positive outlook will most likely draw people in. Positive energy attracts positive interactions.

Smile More

Smiling is one of the most contagious things you can wear to your next social outing. If you are bringing a bright smile to any social setting, you will find people being naturally drawn in. 

Be Curious

Ask questions! This is so simple but often goes so overlooked. Be curious about the people you are socializing with and it will instantly make you seem more likeable. People like people that are interested in them – find interest in others to instantly up your social game.

Share your Ideas

Having the courage to sharing your ideas, perspective, and opinions is a major factor when it comes to social dynamics. Nobody wants to be around someone who agrees with EVERYTHING. Speak up and share your unique perspective – People will appreciate it. 

Be Present

Presence makes the interactions you have with others truly memorable. People remember if you were fully present. Presence leaves a lasting impression. Increase your social capital with true presence.

When we find ourselves in social situations, we want to make sure that we show up as our best selves and positively impact everyone involved. Use these tips to improve your social capital and become a people magnet!