Business Coaching

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Business Coaching

Business Coaching is our newest addition to the services we offer at Multi-Languages Corporation. We are committed to providing a full language experience to everyone we work with. With over 20 years of experience in the language sector, our director & CEO Lola Bendana will take you through a transformative experience that will take your business to the next level.

Our Business Coaching covers a wide variety of areas:

·       Identification of issues ·       Increased productivity – efficiency ·       Growth ·       Marketing strategies ·       Leadership ·       Sales processes ·       Psychology for growth ·       Stress management ·       Customized to the needs of the business

Coaching / Consulting Fees

Most sessions are facilitated by our Director Lola Bendana or a professional facilitator / coach.

Consulting and Coaching services for:

  • Translation and Interpreting are available for free to our regular clients and to non-clients for a fee.
  • Standards, Language Policy, Time Mastery, Accessibility, Procurement and  overall Business coaching

    , are quoted on a case per case basis.

HALF DAY of Coaching / Consulting

Spend half the day with our team to break down the roadblocks of your career and power through to the next level. Dive into your psychology and uncover the reasons why you are where you are and create a plan of action to get to the next level.

FULL DAY of Coaching / Consulting

A deep dive experience where you work 1-on-1 with our team to produce extraordinary results. With the full day sessions, you have the option to bring one guest to go through the process with you. If you’re looking to completely change the course of your career – this package is for you!

Prices vary according to the client’s needs, type of delivery, number of sessions, facilitators involved, etc.

Charitable and non-profit organizations may be able to receive a special rate.

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