Useful Resources for Translation & Interpretation 

One of our core beliefs at Multi-languages is always providing massive value. We want to give you useful resources that will satisfy all of your language needs. The following are some Translation & Interpreting resources that can greatly benefit you. 


Canada is known for it’s diversity and multiculturalism. We are proud to be based out of a country that has a strong language sector that leads the way in Translation and Interpretation innovation and advancement. 

United States

The United States is a major contributor to the success of the language industry. They are constantly pushing forward to bring the industry to the next level. Here you will find useful resources that will meet all of your language needs. 


The following associations support the language industry on a global scale. Their reach far exceeds the borders of one country and their impact is nothing short of amazing. 

Other Groups & Associations

The following are doing wonders for the Translation & Interpretation world. They are changing the way we do business and how we look at the language sector.