The benefits of remote simultaneous interpretation

To understand more about simultaneous interpreting let´s review the meaning of Interpreting. Interpreting is the act of facilitating verbal or sign communication between two parties who do not share a common language by delivering the original message in a target language as faithfully as possible. This can be done on site or, remotely.

When we speak about remote simultaneous interpretation, we refer to a professional language expert who interprets the meaning of a speaker’s message orally in another language, at the same time that the speaker is rendering the message, to listeners who do not understand the presented language. 

In today´s global market, remote simultaneous interpretation has become imperative and very popular for organizations due to its efficiency. 

Take a look at the following benefits of remote simultaneous interpretation also known as RSI:

Time – Remote interpretation allows individuals to use their own devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, to listen to translated content in real time like everyone else as if you were in room. It is flexible for both businesses and clients, only imagine the time it saves up when you don’t have to drive hours to be on time for that on-site meeting! 

Savings – One undeniable benefit of RSI is the reduced cost. Because this is a stream/live service many companies often do not incur into costs that would typically incur to. Although, RSI must always have an operator for efficiency and an RSI platform is needed, the traditional interpreter booths and additional on-site equipment can be obsolete, reducing your costs for transportation and extra set up at event venues. 

Location is not an impediment – People don’t have to physically be at the same place, making interpretations more efficient and closing the geographical gap! Each person can be at different locations, even countries! This is one of the major benefits of remote interpretation. Think about how many clients abroad can also take advantage of it. 

Audience – One of the most remarkable benefits is that sessions can be done at any time and any place without worrying about the size of the group. For international companies that have employees around the world, this is very convenient because they don’t have to worry about coordinating time zones for each country, only about making sure that everyone is notified in advance. 

Reduce Hardware – On-site interpretation may require some equipment and additional set up like we have mentioned before. With remote interpretation, you’ll use a regular device such as computer, tablet or phone making it faster for both companies and clients to set up.

Efficiency – The wonderful world of RSI also allows companies to provide their clients with as many languages as needed in a virtual event. Usually, the listener will have the option to listen to the messages being delivered into his or her preferred language. Let´s not also forget that for RSI to be possible you would only need a good WIFI connection and/or cellular data!  

Multi-Languages Corporation has been a pioneer in language services for over 23 years and with Remote Simultaneous Interpreting is no different. If you are looking to obtain these amazing benefits, we can take care of your organization’s need! 

Our Director Lola Bendana, has been an active member in the different initiatives to create national and international standards and raise the bar for both translation and interpreting which is why we strictly follow the Standards and criteria as specified by AIIC, CACI, ATIO AND OTTIAQ. 

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