Benefits of Resistance Training

When it comes to being in good shape, there is nothing more beneficial than resistance training. Resistance training is one of the best ways to transform our bodies. Here are some of the top benefits to incorporating this style of training into your fitness routine.

Increase Mobility & Flexibility

When you train with resistance, you increase the mobility of your muscles and your bodies overall flexibility. Weight training will improve your flexibility by getting your body used to the full range of motion of your selected workouts.

Boost Metabolism

Training with resistance speeds up your metabolism by activating the muscles you train. By your muscles being stimulated, your metabolism is signalled to speed up and adapt to the increased demand. 

Weight Loss

When you do 30 minutes of cardio, you burn a set amount of calories.When you do a 30 minute weight training session, you burn calories far past your workout’s end time. Activated muscles burn calories up to 24 hours after your workout

Reduce Pain & Risk of Injury

Strengthening our muscles is one of the best ways to reduce our risk of injury and muscle pain. Consistently activating our muscles helps them recover quickly and become more resilient. 

Improve Emotional Well-Being

Resistance training has been directly correlated to boost in mood and overall emotional well-being. Even something as short as a 20 minute circuit can have us feel great for our entire day. 

Whether you want to get healthier, completely transform your body, or just get a little bit stronger, resistance training is worth the commitment. Start with x3 20 minute sessions a week and slowly increase the volume. You’ll see changes in no time!