Mornings are one of the most important aspects of having a high performing day. The first hour of the day is critical in building momentum for the day ahead. Here are some of the top ways to set your day up for success!

The Night Before

A successful morning starts the night before. Setting up your morning the night before guarantees a smooth start to the day. Lay out your clothes, plan out your day, and layout your morning so that you are ready to crush the day. 

Drink Water

When you wake up, your body is dehydrated – You have gone 8+ hours with no liquids. As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water. It will kick start your metabolism and let your body know it is ready for the day. 

Move Your Body

One of the best things to do in the morning is to engage your body physically. Whether it’s a 20 minute walk, 30 minute yoga flow, or a 45 minute resistance training session, it will change your level of energy & focus to tackle the day. 

Tackle the Biggest Challenge FIRST

On any given day, we have tasks that seem more challenging than others. Take on your biggest challenge first so that you are fresh and ready to take it on as your best self. Once it’s completed, you’ll feel accomplished – carrying that energy for the rest of the day. 


Practicing gratitude allows us to start our day with presence and reconnect with what matters most. Just 10 minutes of gratitude in the morning can set us up to tackle the day with energy & drive. 

Mornings are a key component of having a productive and successful day. Incorporate these strategies and you will see instant improvement in your level of performance at work, at home, and in life as a whole.