How to Find Your Passion

What are humans made to do? What is our purpose on this earth? What is it that we are destined to become? These are questions that have been debated time and time again, yet so many people are utterly lost when it comes to finding their passion. Here are some ways to discover your passion and purpose.

Get’s You Excited

What gets you excited when you do it? What is something that makes you light up like nothing else. What is something that just thinking about it, gets you excited? This is a great way to find things you’re passionate about. Passion creates excitement. By doing this, you are reverse engineering your passion. 

Free of Charge

Think of the things that you would do for free. When you are passionate about something, it usually is something you would do for free. When you do something you love, you will not work a day in your life. 

You Can’t Stop Talking

If there is something you can’t stop talking about, odds are it is something you are passionate about. If it’s something that gets you excited to speak about and you can share it with absolutely anyone, that may be a key indicator of purpose and passion. 

Not Just One Try

Many people think that they have to pick one passion and once they do, that’s it. Finding your passion is like trying on different outfits. You have to try different things to see what you like. Go out and try different things, experience new paths, and constantly expose yourself to different areas of life. This will get you one step closer to finding your passion.